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5 Ways to Annoy Recruiters on Email

Let’s face it, most of us would be pretty stuck if it wasn’t for the invention of email. We no longer have to wait for the postman to deliver our correspondence and thank god we don’t have to rely on telegrams or worse still the Pony Express (yes mail WAS delivered by a man on a horse – True.)

But there is such a thing as overusing email or using it to annoy people. In fact, Professor David De Cramer from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School has carried out a study into office emails.

Here are some email no-nos some recruiters have received from candidates:

1. Pick up the phone before hitting ‘Send’

“I think email is a great form of communication during a process to confirm interview times/venues and format required, such as a business plan. So when the candidate then emails you and copies the client in- to withdraw from the process or even worse, reject the offer, that is exceptionally annoying as you have no way of understanding or challenging their decision. Best advice is to speak to your recruiter before committing to any final decision over email!” – Lysha Holmes, Qui Recruitment.

2. Use proper words and sentences

“When a candidate emails like it’s a text with poor grammar, incomplete sentences, and vague thoughts.  For example:  interested, need to get back to you.” – Amy Volas, Avenue TP.

3. Non-personalised emails and getting recruiter’s name wrong

“Occasionally a candidate would send you an email to inform you that they are back on the market, but upon closer inspection you would notice that they have actually sent the email to all of your colleagues and dozens of your competitors too. Fortunately this was quite a rare occurrence but it looks extremely unprofessional, lazy, and shows a real lack of judgement.

And getting your name wrong is even worse. Especially when you have already exchanged a few emails with the candidate in question – it really makes you wonder if they could be trusted in front of a client if they can’t manage to remember your name.” – Andrew Fennell, StandOut CV.

4. Not replying

“I’ve seen it all, from candidates marking ‘xoxo’ at the end of the email through to threatening legal action on account of them not being successful for a position. But the most annoying thing of all has to be not replying at all, especially if they’ve shown enthusiasm and a great attitude face-to-face or over the phone. It’s disappointing more than anything because it shows their true colours: You know you’d struggle to trust their integrity ever again.” – David Morel, Tiger Recruitment.

 5. All of the above… and more

“There are too many to mention but here is a starter for 10:

  1. Happy New Year  –  written the 3rd week of January.
  2. Dear Ana  –  the name is Abi.
  3. Upon reflection –  30 minutes before a prearranged interview.
  4. I am reaching out to you.
  5. Dear Mr BossMan, OR Mrs Chief Exec, OR Mr HRD, c/o their PERSONAL ASSISTANT.
  6. “Feedback please” after screening rejection. NO Hi or Signature.
  7. “Had car accident” –  when they have said they can’t drive at their interview.” – Abigail Klapp, Freelance Talent Acquisition expert.

These are just a snapshot of some of the worst offending emails some of our recruiters have received from their candidates and we’re sure there are far worse ones than these. But so you don’t have to experience it ever again, maybe you could send your candidates this handy guide on how to pimp their emails.

By Ushma Mistry

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