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6 Key Traits for Working in a Team

When it comes to business and careers, teamwork is essential for success.

Every business is built and run by teams of people who have to work together to achieve success. The most profitable businesses are those who have fantastic team players working towards shared goals. Every person should make an impact and be a vital cog in the company machine.

The good news is that teamwork is a skill that all of us can develop and while it may come more naturally for some, there’s always room for improvement.

Do you want to make an impact on your team? These are the key traits you need in order to be an effective team player:

1. Being positive

Have you ever had to work with someone who is consistently negative and thinks that every obstacle is impossible to overcome? If have, you probably found that you were starting to feel down and negative yourself. That’s because moods are contagious!

Positivity is vital in a team environment and it helps to keep everyone feeling motivated. Being positive not only affects your own work, but also the work of your team and others around you. Whatever happens, do your best to stay positive and others will love having you on their team.

2. Communicating well

Some of us are natural communicators who love to chat away with our colleagues. Some of us shy away from making chit-chat. Most of us are capable of communicating well but we don’t always strike the right balance.

A strong team player always keeps communication open and honest with their colleagues. While you may be tempted to keep your head down and squirrel away at your own tasks, keeping others in the loop with what you are doing will improve team efficiency and promote trust. Trust is vital for every team!

3. Showing respect

A team cannot function well if the members do not show mutual respect. Egos should be put to one side and everyone should be treated equally. Team spirit comes first!

There are a number of key ways that you can show your team members respect. These include:

  • Listening to what they have to say
  • Arriving at meetings on time
  • Doing your fair share of the workload
  • Being prepared
  • Focusing on the team’s goals as opposed to your own

4. Being dedicated

It’s important to show that you are committed to your team. In order for your team members to really trust and value you, they need to believe that you are on board for the long haul. While you can’t predict where you will be in the future, showing that you care about the team’s long-term goals will establish trust. If your colleagues think that you are just there for the paycheck, they won’t value your input.

If you want to really show your dedication you should:

  • Come up with innovative ideas to help your team and improve the business
  • Invest time and energy in building rapport with your colleagues
  • Make an effort to go the extra mile

5. Demonstrating willingness

Are you willing to help your team members? You should be! While it can be tempting to put your head down and crack on with your workload, when others come to you for help you should try your best to assist them. Being generous with your time and knowledge will mean a lot to your team.

If you are willing to help others, they will also be more willing to help you. Bear in mind that if you keep to yourself, others may not be forthcoming when you need assistance.

6. Being adaptable

Adaptability is a great skill to have whether you’re working by yourself or in a team. Change happens all of the time, some good and some bad. The thing about change is that it isn’t always something that we control and this is especially true at work.

If you can be ready for change and adapt quickly your whole team will benefit. If some of your colleagues are not as flexible as you, you will be able to support them through changes and bring positive vibes to your team.

Bringing it all together

If you can develop these 6 traits you will make a big impact on your team. Being a good team player will help you to be more successful and progress at work, so don’t underestimate the power of teamwork.

This infographic is by Career Experts.

6 Key Teamwork Personality Traits Infographic

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