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4 Ways AI Will Improve the Way You Work

When AI springs to mind, you can’t help but think of the endless possibilities it could bring. With machine learning, robotics, and more, breaking new grounds year after year. It’s exciting to think where we could be by 2030.

The perception of AI, though, and what it means to our jobs, hasn’t been taken lightly by most people. It would be fair to say that many are wary of AI, maybe even scared of what it means for them, and their livelihood.

I, on the other hand, am more excited at what AI can bring to us. What it can do to make us, more efficient and more productive. Really at the end of the day, thinking of how it can improve us.

1. Productivity

The first and the most documented area of effect in which AI will make its largest impact is our productivity.

Ricoh Europe report that 65% employees and workers say AI technology and machine learning enables them to be far more productive. This is because it minimizes repetitive tasks and enables them to access better quality data.

Productivity is essential because maximizing your productivity levels defines what level your business is operating at, and how effective you are as a business. Embracing AI will in many ways enable you, and your business, to become a much more productive.

2. Efficiency

The second point is efficiency, and while it is closely linked to your productivity, how efficient you are related to the quality of your work.

While AI makes you more productive, in terms of minimizing the quantity of your work, AI also makes you more efficient in terms of the quality of your work.

You’re spending less time on ‘low-level tasks’ like sifting through thousands of candidate CV’s, and more time on things that require more critical thinking and adding value to your business.

3. Innovation

So while we are becoming more efficient and productive in the way we work, we will have more time to spend on areas that require more critical and innovative thinking.

You have all this data that would have taken you 500 hours to do, but a machine did it in 5 minutes. AI will do all the data analysis that you don’t like to do. It will spot opportunities, trends, and themes. Then you will have to apply your abilities to that data.

It will encourage you to spend more applying your mind, and your creativity. And because of this, I believe we will be able to work at a much higher level than we have become accustomed to.

4. Relationships

The idea that we will be able to improve how we service customers but also lower the costs of this, has to be one of the most intriguing areas of opportunity.

We already deploy the likes of Chatbots for various customer relation services, and this trend will continue to improve as we further develop how to manipulate customer service data and natural language processing into a real personal service for customers.

The inevitability of an AI-based customer service in the future for all companies is clear, it’s a service that does not sleep, it can make friends, it can build relationships and it never makes the customer wait.