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7 Hallmarks of Top Professional Recruiters

Guess what? The most professional recruiters are the most successful in terms of billing.

Once you have decided what job you want, you should aim to take advice from and be represented by the best recruiter.

How do you know who the best ones are? Well, you can ask the people around you, find out who your HR department uses or do your own research. We have compiled a list of qualities the top recruiters possess; your job is to find a recruiter that ticks these boxes.

The top professional recruiters…:

1) …will work for the company with the best name:

This company is most likely to work with the best clients (employers) in the market. They will have worked up really tight relationships with hiring managers over the years. Employers are very conservative and prefer to only work with the recruiters they know well. Sometimes they will give their favorite recruiter a heads up on brand new roles so they can start covering off the market before anybody else. This relationship will ensure you will not only have access to the best roles as well as full information about the roles and what your chances of success are.

2) …are very good listeners:

Like in alls sales jobs, the ability to listen to the customer (in this case, you) is critical for success. Instead of going in all guns blazing with a spiel about their vacancy, the best recruiters will ask open and probing questions. These questions will nicely filter down provide an understanding of your preferences as a candidate. This way they will know whether the vacancy they had in mind will be of interest to you, even before they ask you.

3) …will find you:

When you are approached out of the blue and pitched a very interesting suitable position, you know the recruiter has done their research and made a very precise strike. The best recruiters out there don’t rely on their database, advertisements, or direct applicants, they get referrals and use other creative methods of finding the best talent.

4) …let you make your own decisions:

The top recruiters out there know that you can turn somebody who has declined a job offer into taking it, using a number of black magic recruitment tricks. The trouble is that before long, the candidate is very likely to be hit by the buyer’s remorse and drop out. Good recruiters will say their piece, let you go away, and get on with your decision-making process. Career changes are major decisions and it is only fair to be given a few night’s sleep on it.

5) …are clear, honest, and provide full information:

The top recruiters will be very clear about who they are, what companies they represent, what they can and can’t do for you, what time scales they work toward. They will have full information about the jobs they are working and will give you an honest appraisal of your chances. They will also get back to you when they say they will keep you updated as well as keeping your contacts strictly confidential. Last but not least, they will expect you to reciprocate. You will have to be clear on what you want, honest about your situation, and be ready to provide the recruiter will all information necessary.

6) …will have references ready for you to review:

These references or testimonials will be both from successfully placed candidates with similar skills to you as well as hiring managers/clients in your industry they have actually done business with. Just like a good candidate has references, so does a good recruiter.

7) …will be happy to keep you on the books:

Far from every candidate will be at a stage where they are ready to make a move when being pitched a vacancy. The top recruiters know that some candidates have to warm to the idea of switching jobs and some will take a very long time. This is the reason they are happy to stay in touch over time, sooner or later you are likely to have an interest. The savvy recruiter also uses this relationship for giving and getting industry information and referrals.

What is your experience with top recruiters?

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