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10 Things Bosses Will Never Tell Employees

How’s your relationship with your boss? Hopefully it’s a good one!

Regardless of how you two get on, there are certain things he/she will never tell you – whether it’s to stop embarrassing or awkward situations, or because of pride or arrogance, you aren’t likely to hear those phrases.

They could include whether you like your boss, all about sales or that they want you to work forever.

Our friends at JobCluster have gathered some of them in this handy infographic.

Is there anything else your boss would never say to you? Let us know in the comments below!


  • A boss will never say he cares about how much you like him
  • It isn’t possible to hear “I would like to pay you more” from your boss
  • Even though your boss enjoys collaborating with you, he will never say he wants to keep you forever.

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