Posting the perfect LinkedIn status update on your brand or company page is extremely difficult to get right.

Here is a blue print for the perfect LinkedIn status update, courtesy of Salesforce.


  1. Subject: Post breaking news, industry trends or a sneak peek – and include a call-to-action or question for higher engagement. Using LinkedIn insights will help you understand and know your audience better.
  2. Link Description: Edit the default text pulled over when you paste the link – keep it simple.
  3. Engage: Comment on the post (using your personal account) and keep the discussion flowing.
  4. Target: Make sure the audience is relevant to the post – age, location, role etc – and choose whether to include or exclude employees.
  5. Success: Aim for more than 1.0% engagement.

And if you prefer to see me talking about this, have a look at the video below for my best tips.

What are your best LinkedIn status update tips? Please share them in the comments below!

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