It’s true what they say, a tidy desk = a tidy mind. If you’re having trouble staying focused during your working day, it might be time to shake things up and get yourself organised. Below are 10 of the best office organisation hacks that could help you.

1) Use binder clips to organise all your wires:

Having wires EVERYWHERE is no good for productivity. Why not use binder clips to organise your wires?

2) Label with tape:

Use washy tape to label all your wires. It looks nice and it will keep you organised!


3) Homemade iPhone stand:

Use an old cassette box as a nifty iPhone stand.


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4) Make your own speakers:

Music is a strong motivator, so why not try recreating these speakers made from a toilet roll tube and 2 plastic cups?


Huffington Post

5) Paint a wall with chalk board paint:

Cover the walls with chalk board paint and watch your creativity boom.



6) Deep clean with tape:

Deep clean your keyboard with tape or PostIt notes.


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7)  Invest in a cup holder:

Cup holders can save you from disaster spills.


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8) Self accupressure for stress relief:

Self accupressure is targeting your pressure points with massage. It has been proven to relieve stress!



9) Keep a straightener handy:

Keep a cheap hair straightener in your desk drawer so you can iron out shirt collars if you ever have an unexpected meeting.



10) Use your tie as a business card holder:

You’ll never forget your business cards again with this little trick!



Let us know what you think of the hacks over on Twitter, @UndercoverRec. We’d also love to know what your top office organisation tips are!

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