How to Stay Organised When Working from Home

There are lots of pros and cons of working from home, whereas employees may feel more relaxed in their own environment, without the stress of having to commute each day, being away from an office setting can lead to distractions and a lack of organisation.

In order for work to be achieved to a good standard from home, it’s important to maintain an element of structure to your day and to keep your workload organised. You can achieve this by making sure that you have a tidy, quiet environment to work in and look after your general wellbeing.

Here are a few tips for staying organised when working from home, courtesy of Omni Papers.

Keep your environment tidy

  • Clear any clutter and keep only the essential items on your desk. A cluttered environment makes for a cluttered mind!
  • A source of natural light will keep you energised and for extra light use a desk lamp. Keeping the room well light will avoid straining your eyes when using the computer or reading small text. A 4000 Kelvin light is best for stimulating your brain.
  • Keep a desk plant. Not only do they look pretty and make your environment more pleasant, they also clean the air and boost spirits.
  • Working in a room with blue or green decor is best for productivity and focus.

Organise your work

  • Use sticky notes as reminders and to jot down notes. You can stick these to your screen or notebook for future reference and to use them as visible prompts while you’re working.
  • File your work away and store on shelves or a filing cabinet, to save cluttering your desk.
  • Storing your work virtually on the computer will save space for storing hard copy documents.

Make sure your are comfortable and healthy

  • Bad posture can create back pain, so make sure you have a comfy chair and sit up straight while you are at your desk.
  • Standing up while working can also help to improve your posture and prevent back problems.
  • Try to get regular exercise when you can and take short breaks from work when needed.
  • Drinking green tea during work hours can help to improve brain function and boost productivity.

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