With most recruiters active on one or more social networks, sharing an open job by status update has become the norm. It’s free, easy and gets the message out to your network quickly.

However, it’s fair to say that, these days, job-related status updates have become boring, formulaic and unimaginative. To help liven up your updates – here are 6 examples of creative ways to share job advertisements on social media:

Red Commerce:

Job ads don’t have to be boring.

Is it leads you're looking for?

Instead of posting a standard status update on LinkedIn with just a job title, location and an email address, Owain Wood from Red Commerce posted a popular meme with his job ad. Using an eye-catching and humorous image provoked a reaction from his network, resulting in shares and likes, making sure that the advert gets seen by his extended network.

In this instance, the meme and the job description combine together to target just the kind of individuals needed for the role, i.e. someone who understands and knows how to create engaging and social content

Experis US:

A picture worth 14 jobs.

Instead of posting a text update with a link to the job ad, the Experis US Facebook page posts a photo update like above. This is an effective way to target people who are looking for different types of jobs using only a single post.

As a result, followers of the page don’t feel spammed with multiple job postings which are are not always relevant to them.

By using an image, the IT recruitment company makes their updates eye-catching while at the same time taking advantage of Facebook’s heavier EdgeRank weighting for images and links. This maximises their chances of having the updates appear at the top of their followers’ News Feeds compared to a plain text update.

More Cabbage Marketing Agency:

Know your memes.

Confused Keanu

More Cabbage appropriated an existing meme to post their job advertisement on Pinterest. The message in itself is something that their target audience can easily identify with which makes their job advertisement at the bottom very relevant.

Cloud Nine Rec:

Try something different.

LinkedIn Profile Page Attachments

Steve Ward of Cloud Nine Rec, a digital talent specialist,  posts his latest job vacancies as PDFs on his LinkedIn profile. Given that recruiters receive a lot of profile views, this is a great way to share vacant positions without constantly posting status updates.

While people may not necessarily use Vine to search for jobs, you can easily post any video you made as an update on Twitter. The short video you see above makes for an interesting advertisement that can be viewed and shared easily on different devices.

Pro tip: If you’re thinking of doing something similar, Instagram video lets you take up to 13 seconds of footage instead of just 6 seconds with Vine. The longer duration will give your viewers more time to read or absorb what they are seeing.


Not all YouTube videos are silly

People2People, an Australian recruitment company regularly posts videos on YouTube focusing on different vacancies they have available. Despite the fact that people won’t necessarily go on Youtube to look for jobs, hosting it on the network means that the video can be shared anywhere online.

Video ads like above can then be embedded on the homepage or accompany the actual job ad itself. This also gives recruiters another type of content to share with their network, whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ where it can easily grab people’s attention.

What People2People have created is a sustainable format for sharing their jobs while at the same time maintaining a professional image for their clients and candidates.

Have you seen any other creative ways recruiters share their jobs online? Share them with us in the comments below.

About Maebellyne Ventura

Maebellyne Ventura is the Digital Marketing Manager at Experis Switzerland, an IT recruitment specialist. She is also one of the founders of Clever Biscuit, a technology start-up creating simple and innovative products. Follow Maebellyne on Twitter @Maebellyne.

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