Working Life Summed Up in 140 Characters

Had a stressful day? Co-worker winding you up? Super excited about a promotion?

Whether you love your job, or your patience is running a bit thin, lots of people turn to social media to off load their current thoughts and share their day to day experiences on the job. Though having a heated rant about something that’s put a bee in your bonnet isn’t always the wisest idea, sometime when I’m scrolling through Twitter I come across tweets which I think sum up working life to the tee.

Here are some of the top tweets about office life, co-workers and work in general which really hit the nail on the head (or are just pretty funny)

1) Those awkward co-worker encounters…

2) When it takes your full effort to keep up appropriate email etiquette.

3) We all know it’s the best day of the month!

4) The dreaded communal kitchen. Why are people such animals?

5) When someone steals your joke and gets a bigger laugh, action must be taken.

6) Office busy bodies…*sigh*

7) The “people person” (Approach with caution!)

8) A meeting about a meeting, discussing a future meeting.

9) The essential caffeine fix.

10) There’s always a weird one.

11) Separation anxiety…

12) When you absolutely love your job…oh wait no, you hate every second.

[Image Credit: Shutterstock]