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What is the Best Facebook Recruiting App?

Recruiting the perfect employee can be a difficult task nowadays, especially with the increased usage of social media. It’s simple to contact a potential candidate via Facebook or LinkedIn but, at the same time, how accurate is their profile? This is where Work4 may be your saviour! This is exactly why I think its the best Facebook recruiting application.

Work4 is a San Francisco-based company focused on social recruitment, used by a number of major companies – such as Disney, L’Oréal, Microsoft, Groupon or Sephora. Established in 2010, the company is backed by top tier investors such as Matrix Partners and Yuri Milner with offices in San Francisco and Paris.

If you are the representative of a company, you can easily access and manage this application from your smartphone. Posting jobs on Facebook has never been faster, all you have is to add Work for Us to your page, the application will start to deliver you data about potential candidates in less than 2 minutes. The mechanism is quite simple and natural: the best employees for a company are its fans, they are likely to be willing to work for the company.

Once the application has offered your relevant data, you can integrate your career site to import jobs and automatically track candidates. Probably, you won’t like it, but you have to manually upload jobs, in order to maximise their visibility on your Facebook Page, the application can perform it automatically, but it might be stopped by Facebook’s firewalls.Once you have reached the most qualified candidates for your jobs, you will pay only when those people will effectively view your announcements. In order to reduce time and money, you can establish from the start that your query should prompt particular profile data, such as education, work experience, skills or location.

As well as promoting new job openings, Work4 Labs is great for promoting your employer brand. For instance, you can create rich-visual banners and embedded hyperlinks, to render your company more visible on the social network. Your Facebook page can also include a company blog feed, so that candidates can follow the evolution of the recruitment itself or find out information about the company’s performance.

Work4labs will also use the infrastructure of Facebook, to push the public image of your image. It analyses your job postings, so it relies on the fact that users will share jobs with their friends and other users – thus causing your posts to go viral (of sorts).

Not Just Facebook:

However, Work4 Labs doesn’t just work with Facebook – it also automatically integrates your activity on other social networks, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Jobs can be easily tweeted, and relevant LinkedIn connections can be recommended – all from the easy-to-use dashboard. Potential candidates have their own part of the history, they aren’t simple profiles to be browsed, when the application starts. Social networks users can monitor the number of views, the profiles of applicants and the number of likes generated for each job posted. Once they are chosen by the application, they can accept to go on and negotiate face-to-face with the company or simply leave the recruitment process.


Work4 comes in two guises: a free basic version, and an enterprise version. For the moment, only the Basic version can be installed, while for the Enterprise there is a free trial available. The two options both offer unlimited job postings, mobile compatibility for all devices, multi-language support, reporting and analytics plus manual or automatic sharing of jobs. Additionally, the Enterprise version allows embedded videos (for possible quick job summary videos), automatic job import (to save time manually inserting each one), source tracking, referral analytics as well as a social media consultant and permanent technical support.


Work4 is easy to use and offers a number of different features which other platforms don’t have. It’s well worth the money!

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