6 Things You Can Say to Motivate Your Team

To really enjoy life at work, employees need a good salary, good working conditions, and a great team. But the main factor that decides if an employee likes their workplace is whether they like their boss. For managers, making sure you show respect to all employees, regardless of their level of experience, can make all the difference in their motivation levels. So, what words can you use to really make a difference in employee-manager communication? Here are my top six.

1. “Thank you”

Showing gratitude to your employees shows them that they’re not just another wheel in the cog, but a really important member of the team. Make sure you actually say “thank you” to your employees once in a while or after a big project. It doesn’t have to be a super grand gift or a lavish meal out for the team that shows how much you appreciate their work. Simply telling them that you’re thankful can often be the most meaningful and motivational of gestures.

2. “What do you think?”

Just because you’re the boss or a manager, it doesn’t mean you know everything. Asking your team and employees for their own opinions will not only expand your knowledge but also show them that their opinion matters.

3. “That’s great!”

If you’re in a meeting and an employee of yours comes up with a great idea, actually telling them that it’s great will not only boost their morale, and that of the team, but it will also foster a very positive and open environment. It may even prompt more people to share their ideas with the team.

4. “Can I help?”

There are hundreds of differences between a leader and a boss. One that I think is very important is the idea that the leader should be involved with tasks that the team is doing and vice versa. If the team is struggling to meet a deadline or having trouble with a certain client, a good boss gets his hands dirty and helps them out. Not only does this ease a bit of stress off the employees, but it also improves relationships between the boss and the rest of the workforce.

5. “You’ll do great”

Showing that you have a little faith in your team can boost morale tenfold. If there’s an important pitch or project that’s coming up, show your confidence in the team by telling them you believe in them. You might think it goes without saying, but people are bound to doubt themselves sooner or later and sometimes all they need to pick themselves back up is a little encouragement from above.

6. “We” not “I”

When it comes to your team, if you’re a good leader you will naturally think of yourself as a member of the same team as them. You should always remember that it’s not good to drive employees through fear or leadership. Your employees should get on with you and be inspired by you. Inclusive language should be used to create the feeling that everyone is in the same boat, together!

By Ruby Lowe

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