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Why Not Use Unconventional Wisdom to Halt Competition?

“Sometimes I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

– Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

I like this quote because it is full of promise and unconventional wisdom. You might ask why bother with what might be impossible. Wouldn’t it be easier to go after what is possible, known and familiar? Easier, maybe. Fruitful, rarely. So here are three ways that you can create an in-the-person moment to greet the exceptional opportunity waiting to happen!

Be vigilant:

This is being “more than” just prepared. Do you know how to create an emotional take-away for your reader and/or listener? When an opportunity beckons, how will you sift “what can be” from “what is” and “what could go wrong?” Consider:

  • What are you the go-to person for? List topics, ideas, inspirations and initiatives that you can claim. The talent you have and can easily share matters to someone. Do you know who that might be?
  • Are you a step ahead in thought leadership in your field? Have you created a trail of noteworthy questions, extraordinary answers and buzz-worthy dialogues?

Be bold:

Authenticity matters; show a little personality. How else will you be likeable and approachable? Be “more than” proactive about reaching out, follow-through and seeking out opportunities. Give people a reason to pursue you, become curious about you and want to introduce you to others:

  • After a spectacular interview, write to someone within the senior leadership team, commenting on your experience and to share your excitement about a culture fit. It works!
  • Ramp up all your conversations and follow-up with research –yes, having a tiny bit of geek in you does work wonders. Share an article, comment on a trend, shine light on someone or present a solution. Pick one or try all. The idea is to be credible, be visible and be exceptional, in each interaction.

Be unstoppable:

Do it anyhow and push through naysayers. Create enthusiasm with your words and actions. Be “more than” your competition. Challenge convention fearlessly by:

  • Being clear about your message – how does what you do add spectacular value, each and every time? Become the brand people love to talk about, follow and invite into conversations.
  • Trying something different you have never tried before in your search. For example, dress up and show up – to drop off your portfolio in person, pick up literature from the organization or introduce yourself to the administrative assistant who might introduce you to a potential colleague.

Ideas exist so that we can try them. While it is true that not every idea will have an outstanding outcome, it is certainly true that without trying, there are NO outcomes. What are you waiting for? You are your own best friend. You are your own worst enemy. If you are to choose, why not choose the friend?

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By Sunitha Narayanan

Sunitha Narayanan is a certified career coach with a passion for connecting people and their talents to life and work opportunities. She is a co-active coach, empowering her clients to believe in their dreams, set actionable goals and actively create joy in their work lives. She is with Promark Company, a Career Partners International firm that offers executive coaching, leadership development and outplacement services. Learn about her interests by visiting her LinkedIn profile.