Employer Branding Talent Acquisition

How to Give Employees the Workplace They Want

How do you win the war for talent? A question all the top dogs continue to ask themselves and one of the biggest issues facing the industry. In the eyes of a futurist, it’s all about the employee experience.

To win the war you need to give employees the workspaces they want, the tools they crave and a culture they can celebrate at all times.

We speak to Jacob Morgan, an author, speaker and futurist to learn how he helps organizations and individuals around the world understand how the world of work is changing, how we’re going to be impacted by it and what we should all be doing as a result of it.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Who Jacob is and if he’s from the future or not
  • An in-depth look at his book – The Employee Experience Advantage
  • If employee experience is just another buzzword or if it actually has value
  • What employee experience has to do with employer branding, and why you need to embrace it
  • How to build employee experience through consumer-grade technology
  • How to use culture to maximize your employer brand efforts
  • Why you need to build your workspace with your employees in mind
  • The top 3 trends shaping employee experience right now
  • How Cisco, Salesforce, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Accenture are leading innovation within employee experience
  • How significant employee experience is in terms of ROI
  • What the future of employee experience is in the eyes of a futurist

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