How to Use as an Online Resume

These days, getting a job can be a challenge, not because you are not qualified, but because there are so many other individuals to compete with. In fact, every applicant’s objective is to stand out first. Once employers pay particular attention to them, that’s when they can dazzle them with their skills.

The first step for any applicant is to ensure that his resume will stand out from the pile of resumes that recruiters go through. Because of this, boring, text-based resumes are a thing of the past. Now, it should be visually-appealing, concise and will garner immediate attention.

Of course, not everyone has an artistic bone, so for some creating this graphic and visual-based type of resume can be difficult. It’s a good thing, therefore, that there are certain websites that automatically create these types of resumes and all you need to do is to input your data. helps you create this sort of resume. It sifts through your credentials and organizes the details into an infographic – providing potential employers with a snapshot of your work experience and your skills. Because your resume will be done in such a way that there are a lot of graphic elements, your resume will be pleasant to look at, and because it is usually done in bright, solid colors, it will naturally stand out.

Not just for creatives:

Don’t think that is a website that is merely for graphic designers or for those who work in what is considered a “creative” industry! Everyone can benefit from having a visually-appealing resume. In fact, you get that extra edge, just by submitting this infographic type of resume. It shows your potential employers that even if you are analytical and professional, you also have a creative side in you, and this can be helpful especially when working on solutions to problems or various issues.

How does it work? is connected to LinkedIn, the number 1 professional networking site. They lift your credentials from LinkedIn and base your resume on this. If you have any job opening leads online, it is very easy to link to your online resume and your recruiter will appreciate how you made it easier for him to view and absorb all your credentials. However, if you plan to apply via other venues that are not online, can send you your resume in a word document or PDF file format. You can now print this and distribute your unique resume to different companies.


Resumes are important in showing your recruiter at a glance that you are perfect for the job that you are applying for. ensures that you will be able to come up with such a resume. Once your employers see how much effort you put into making your resume, they will appreciate this and pay closer attention. Of course, you must back it up with the proper credentials and skills; and eventually, when they call you in for an interview, you must show them that you are professional and well-suited for the job that you are applying for. does not guarantee that you will get that job, but it will definitely make it easier for these employers to notice you.