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How Jobseekers Use Glassdoor

As Glassdoor expands its presence around the world, the platform’s overall impact on a company’s recruitment and talent attraction process is still relatively unquantified. However, one company endeavored to find out how job seekers in the US are using Glassdoor during their job hunt.

This slidedeck (by shows the results of a poll of 4,633 job seekers to see how Glassdoor affected their decision to apply for, and accept jobs.

Key Findings:

  • Almost half of jobseekers read Glassdoor reviews even before applying for jobs
  • 25% of job seekers are deterred from applying to jobs after reading negative ratings of compensation and benefits
  • About 15% use Glassdoor after getting an offer to decide whether to accept a position or not

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By Maebellyne Ventura

Maebellyne Ventura is the Digital Marketing Manager at Experis Switzerland, an IT recruitment specialist. She is also one of the founders of Clever Biscuit, a technology start-up creating simple and innovative products. Follow Maebellyne on Twitter @Maebellyne.