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The Most Engaged UK Recruitment Women on LinkedIn

LinkedIn UK have compiled a top 10 ‘power user’  list of the most engaged UK women in the recruiting industry on the world’s largest professional network.

The power user list, which includes professionals from across the UK and from a mixture of large and small recruiting agencies as well as large organisations such as the BBC and Harrods, is a snapshot of the wide range of talent acquisition professionals using LinkedIn in their career.

LinkedIn compiled the list by looking at a range of engagement metrics including status update frequency, network strength, engagement in groups and a number of other factors.

This power user list comes off the back of new research from LinkedIn which shows that 66% of professional women in the UK believe it is possible to ‘have it all’ (fulfilling career, relationship and children) in today’s working environment.

The research also identifies that the majority of women in the UK (62%) define professional success as having the right balance between work and personal life, compared to 40% five to ten years ago.

Here at The Undercover Recruiter we like to share best practices from the recruitment world so we set out to ask these women their best LinkedIn tips. Here is the list:

Laura King of The Curve Group:

The advice I always give people (recruiters or otherwise) is that LinkedIn is a tool and should be used as such. Keep your profile up to date and fully populated. Network widely, join groups, read discussions, share updates, seek opinions, engage and respond.

LinkedIn is a networking tool and not a candidate pool – as a recruiter, yes, you will find candidates via LI, and yes, you will contact them via LI – but a good recruiter will also be looking for MI (all the time!), to build their network (widely), to map the market and will be happy to chat, share market info and advise if possible.

jennifer-howlettJennifer Howlett of Vertex Solutions International:

My tip would be to use LinkedIn to share and talk about what affects you at work. As someone who is really just starting out, LinkedIn is a valuable learning tool as I talk to CEOs and Directors on a daily basis.

graceGrace Solanki of the BBC

I guess my best LinkedIn tip would be to try and be enagaged and keep in contact with them on at least on a monthly basis with your contacts so you know what is going on in the Recruitment world in my case. It gives both yourself and them a chance to have a catch up and see if they or I can help in terms of recriting for a role.

Also advertising roles on your status on Linkedin is a great way to connect with great connections or search for people and add to your connections list for future reference.

Zoe Lloyd Arrows GroupZoe Lloyd of Arrows Group

Sharing unique content in your field allows you to open debate with connections, for them to share to others outside your network and places you as hub for discussion in your network.

Donna Price at HarrodsDonna Price Harrods

There’s no need to post for posting’s sake. Be genuine in what you “like” and share – engaging with your LinkedIn community should be organic. The results derived from this approach will be much more fruitful and long-lasting.

natasha-millsNatasha Mills of OCC Computer Personnel

I think the most important thing to remember whilst using Linkedin is to make it personal!!
Dont just be a jobs feed! People like to know they are dealing with a human being.

Leesa Fernandes Thomson ReutersLeesa Fernandes at Thomson Reuters

Use LinkedIn as a way to connect with and remember everyone you meet at networking events, conferences, social gatherings – you never know when a connection may become useful or when you might become useful to them in the future. I also use LinkedIn as a way to research people before I meet them – having some background on them makes conversation a lot more relevant and engaging.

Ella Liang Portland ResourcingElla Liang at Portland Resourcing 

  • Keep LinkedIn messages or InMails short, sweet and professional
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated with latest news
  • Use LinkedIn as a job board – update jobs in related groups, your status updates and even on your profile
  • Keep your eyes open on the news and update in your network – then react! e.g. say congratulations, ‘like or comment’ someone’s update, endorse skills etc
  • Expand LinkedIn network/connections every day
  • Download LinkedIn on ALL mobile devices and check it whenever you have a minute
  • Keep calm and LinkedIn
  • Work hard and play hard

Do you have any useful LinkedIn tips? Please share below in the comments!

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.