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UK Recruiters Reveal the Truth About CVs

We change our CVs daily to adapt to the certain jobs that we apply for. However, we often lose sight of what is happening with other people’s CVs and are not particularly well informed about CV statistics in general.

Who are our CVs up against? How many CVs get turned in for one job? It is important to learn information about our competition and learn how recruiters look at our CVs, which in turn can help improve how we put together our CVs.

This infographic by StandOut CV provides some interesting insights and statistics into CVs from recruiters in the UK.

Home truths

  • The minimum number of CVs that a recruiter will receive for a UK vacancy is 54.
  • A recruiter spends 10 seconds deciding whether or not to shortlist your CV.
  • Will spend 6 minutes going over your CV to decide whether to submit you to a client.
  • 98% of recruiters will take you less seriously if you include a photo of yourself on your CV.
  • 73% of recruiters will search for you on LinkedIn after viewing your CV.
  • The average number of CVs that a recruiter will submit for a vacancy is 3.

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By Casey Fleischmann