If Your Brain Tweeted Your Whole Working Day

It’s Friday, Friday…

Fridays are funny things. We look forward to them Monday through Thursday, then mourn their loss as soon as Monday rolls around again.

For many people, Friday is easily the best day of the week. It’s not like it’s any easier to get out of bed on a Friday, mind you, but there’s definitely a certain cheer in the air around town; unmistakeable positivity and excitement brightening the eyes of even the most hungover of souls in the office. Again, it doesn’t mean people necessarily want to be at work on Friday. In fact, quite the opposite might be true; but daydreaming about the weekend ahead is a wonderful and welcome distraction for most.

Speaking of welcome distractions, if you’re tied to your desk and need a little booster (boss is on your back, I get it), check out this little depiction of Friday in hourly tweets… can you relate?

Tweet time: 6am

Tweet time: 7am

Tweet time: 8am

Tweet time: 9am

Tweet time: 10am

Tweet time: 11am

Tweet time: 12pm

Tweet time: 1pm

Tweet time: 2pm

Tweet time: 3pm

Tweet time: 4pm

Tweet time: 5pm

Tweet time: 6pm

Tweet time: 7pm

Tweet time: 8pm

Tweet time: 9pm

Tweet time: 10pm

Tweet time: 11pm

And there you have it… 6am-11pm in tweets.

Happy Friday!

By Phoebe Spinks

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