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5 Great Ways to Tweet a Job Vacancy and Get Noticed

Twitter is a great way to attract both active and passive candidates alike when recruiting, but with so many Tweeters and companies vying for attention and only a few seconds to make an impression in a feed which is continually scrolling, how do you make sure that your tweet has the required impact?

If you think that attaching a stock image to your Tweet boldly stating ‘We’re Hiring’ is going to cut the mustard then you can think again. This is the equivalent of throwing a pea at an elephant and hoping that it will notice. To grab attention in the ever expanding Twittersphere your image needs to be striking, focussed and original.

Here are 8 great examples of how to tweet a job vacancy to make the right sort of impact.

1. Be creative

Lego (@LEGO_Careers)

Ok, So Lego have a particularly strong brand and playful product at their disposal, but sourcing the right talent is important to a business. So everyone who is recruiting should take a little more time and make a little more effort to come up with something more creative and striking, which is relevant to the role being advertised.

Even if your company manufactures and sells toothpicks, with a little imagination (We’ll get straight to the point?) it should be feasible to come up with something that both attracts attention and gives some indication of the positon, product or company.

The other positives with this Lego tweet are that the job title and location are clearly stated and the ‘Bring It To Life’ is a bold statement which demonstrates the company ethos.

It is also worth noting that in the Tweet itself the location, sector and company are hash-tagged to ensure that the vacancy can be found easily by an audience searching for those terms.

Boots (@Boots_Jobs)

In this clever Boots advert you instantly know what the vacancy is for and the use of the pill indicates that it is for the pharmaceutical sector. The tweet includes a play on words including ‘care’ which is a strong part of the company’s brand.

Similarly to Lego, Boots has a strong brand to leverage and I am sure they will have a large creative department to come up with all their ideas and visuals, but an advert which is just as clever can just as easily be created with a free online design application such as and a little imagination.

2. Capture the company culture

Drivr (@drivr)

This jobs vacancy tweet isn’t quite as targeted as the Lego or Boots examples, as the only information that is immediately available is that it is a tech start-up recruiting in the UK. What makes it a good tweet, however, is that you immediately get a feel for the people and the ‘fun’ company culture within the organisation.

This sort of image won’t attract everyone, but that’s the point, only like- minded individuals are likely to apply. Again the location (UK) and sector (tech) are hash –tagged for search purposes.

ERevalue (@ERevalue)

Similarly to Drivr this tweet instantly demonstrates the type of employees they recruit at eRevalue and it also has the added bonus of giving you a sense of the working environment.

3. Use humour


Not every company will want to use humour in their Twitter adverts. It will very much depend on the image and company culture of the organisation, but it is a really good method to get people to pay your post some attention.

However, if you decide to use humour, don’t just randomly pluck something funny off the internet or throw something together. Be original, make sure it is relevant to the role (IoT) and be on brand in terms of company colours and fonts etc…so that the advert looks like it is from a professional organisation.

4. Make your product the star

Heathwick (@heathwickUK)

Not all products or services are sexy. But if you do happen to manufacturer something that is desirable or may appeal, then making the product the star of your Twitter campaign can have a massive impact.

This is especially relevant for sales positions, as it is likely to be people already in the industry or people who are passionate about the product who will be the best candidates for the position.

ExpressCareers (@ExpressCareers)

Similarly to Heathwick, Express has made their product and service the centre piece to the advert which will instantly appeal to people who ‘love fashion’. The tagline ‘Live your style’ is also very emotive and will connect with their target audience.

5. Have a strong brand

Forever Digital (@FVRDigital)

By having a unique and strong brand and incorporating it in your design will ensure that your advert stand outs amongst the stock images and imageless tweets, and people who are familiar with your brand will instantly know that it is for a vacancy with you.

The copy in this instance is clear and including the Google logo reinforces the purpose of the position.


So there you have it, a review of my recent favourite job advert tweets. Not all of them are perfect, but they all have something that made them jump out at me from within my Twitter feed.

As demonstrated, it isn’t just the big brands such as Lego and Boots that can demand attention. By taking a little more time to take photos, think outside the box and work on your designs can ensure that your job vacancy will stand out from the crowd. And don’t forget by including and hash-tagging the most appropriate keywords in your tweet such as job title, sector and location will also give your tweet the best chance of finding its most appropriate audience.

Author: Gary Skipper is the Marketing Manager of Newman Stewart Executive Search and Selection.

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