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The Truth About Body Language

Body language is important in all aspects of life and work. Whether you are meeting someone new or trying to create a good first impression for an interview, body language says a lot about a person, their personality and what they stand for.

The way you stand, the way you carry yourself and even your facial expressions all count for something when it comes to analysing body language.

This presentation by Cem Tozar explains what certain types of body language means and how you should change in order to be aware of what your body is saying to others.

Myths and facts:

  • 93% of our communication is non verbal.
  • Myth: You cant look into another person’s eyes and lie – you actually can.
  • Myth: A smile means happiness –  a smile can mean a variety of things.
  • Myth: Crossed arms means resistance – people may just prefer to stand in this way.
  • Myth: Covering your face means deception – there is in fact no correlation.

How we can use our body:

  • Good posture is not just for models, so stand straight, be powerful and be confident.
  • Use your eyes and decide distance carefully.
  • Shake hands sincerely. Your hands talk and are messages, so be aware of their movements.
  • The power of 3: Posture, eyes and hands.

What not to do:

  • Stop playing with your hands and fingers.
  • Your face is part of your body language so make sure you control it.

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The Art of Body Language from Cem Tozar