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How to Attract Top Talent Using AI

“A company is only as good as its employees” – anyone trying to hire top talent.

Recruiters say the biggest problem they are faced in today’s market is talent shortage. When a job is posted, it receives over 180 applications per position and of those applications, about four to six candidates make it to the recruiting process, and one is hired. Don’t let these numbers daunt you, in recent years AI has proven to help attract top talent with less hiring time. By constantly learning about your top talent already apart of your organization you can replicate key traits and qualities and hire base on ‘culture add’ rather than ‘culture fit’.

Capture the obvious candidates first

Nobody wants to sort through 180 applications to find a handful of qualified leaders ready to be hired. It’s tedious, mundane and not very efficient. Through the use of AI and AI-backed platforms, the sorting can be done for you. By doing the low-level tasks on behalf of recruiters, AI can capture ‘low hanging fruit’ or obvious talent through the use of data collection, analyzing, and augmentation without the assistance of human control.

Looking for keywords, understanding how they add to your current cultural lineup and highlighting cognitive traits in their bios will help capture star candidates buried in the numbers. The quicker AI can process the information and recognize patterns, the smarter and more effective it becomes. As preliminary questions that will help your AI or AI-backed platforms in its efficiency. The sooner a system can disqualify a candidate from the role, the quicker you will have your lineup of top talent.

Fill your cultural gaps

We all know that hiring the right people for your organization will contribute to the overall growth and stability of your business, but a bad hire has the potential to do more damage than you’d realize; It can cost an organization upwards of 2-3 times the cost of their salary. Employing the wrong candidate can lower productivity, reduce employee morale, and create a poor brand reputation, which makes finding the right tools and platforms to deter this from happening is more important than ever.

AI comes to the rescue with a comparison of candidates to your top performing employees. Machine learning systems can identify the gaps and qualifications (or lack thereof) for a job by comparing the records of candidates to employees. If you’ve outlined your ‘dream team’ and the culture that they are to be apart of, machine learning can assist in filling the gaps where your culture is lacking. Whether it be leadership, writing skills, or an emotional trait, AI uses advanced competency tests to track and gauge how both soft skills and hard skills would add to your culture. Place quantitative emphasis (by rating 1-10) on your cultural values and beliefs so AI-backed tools can effectively compare and add to your team.

Use AI-backed platforms

AI-backed platforms such as have been designed for a culture-first hiring approach which has reduced the average time to hire down to just 13 days. can help you drastically reduce the number of bad hires in your organization by automating culture fit. It works by using the current employee’s contribution to a cultural assessment to establish your company’s unique cultural profile. The next step is to have candidates complete the same assessment. will then objectively determine their relative culture add for your organization and will allow you to differentiate your company in the escalating talent way by promoting your organization with a culture-first approach.

Other companies with similar tech use video intelligence to identify facial and speech recognition to analyze a candidates body language, tone of voice, stress level and more via video interview calls. While both platforms use AI to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your next hire, we are still all human. The human behavior of your candidate and connection that your top recruiter gets during the final interview stage will be the end-all decision of whether or not a candidate is best for your organization. It all comes down to intuition and the ‘gut feeling’ will still outlast any AI or automation system.

About the author: is a culture platform that helps companies scale culture alongside their growth with a data-informed approach to hire & retain diverse high-performing teams. 

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