What are the Top Christmas Jobs?

Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s time for us to take a look at the top seasonal jobs. Read on to find out what has made it to number 1:

10) Retail:

Ahhhh retail… if you don’t mind working evenings and weekends then a temporary Christmas job in retail is for you. You’ll be expected to work long hours on the key days leading up to Christmas too. Also don’t forget the Boxing Day sales, you’ll be needed for that. Its not all bad though, it could quite easily lead to a permanent job if you impress.

You could also get a really cool Christmas retail job, like a ‘personal shopper’ or a ‘gift wrapper’ or who knows the store you work at might want someone to dress as an Elf!!

9) Mail/parcel seasonal job:

In the era of social media and email we still send the humble Christmas card in their hundreds of millions. On top of that online shopping is growing every year, Royal Mail alone delivered 10 million parcels a day in the lead up to Christmas 2013. Thats why this year Royal Mail are recruiting 19,000 seasonal workers, Yodel are recruiting 5,000. Roles vary from working in the sorting office to being out on the frontline! A love of the cold and early mornings is desirable!

8) Christmas cracker joke writer:

I know what you’re thinking, there hasn’t been any new ‘jokes’ for about 40 years! Thats why we need more Christmas Cracker Joke Writers! A poll by UKTV channel GOLD found 70% of cracker jokes make us groan! Last year they ran a competition for viewers to come up with new jokes, the winner “What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? Twerky.”!! Give it a go yourselves, anythings better than “What do you do when you see a spaceman? Park in it man” groan!! Tell us your best ones in the comment section below.

7) Lumberjack:

Everyone loves a real Christmas tree don’t they? 7 million a year find their way into UK households. Well someone, somewhere is cutting them all down for us! Ok so its not just a seasonal job, the typical Christmas tree takes 7-10 years to grow to full size. Chopping them down is tough, and while its probably some great tree eating machine that does it… we like to think theres a dedicated team of lumberjacks going out axes in hand!

6) Sprout picker:

Love them or hate them, Sprouts are a fixture of the traditional Christmas dinner. There are 4 billion sprouts bought in the UK in the week before Christmas, with the average Brit consuming 14 sprouts. That means the people that enjoy eating sprouts are actually munching through about 3,000 each! A staggering 28% of sprouts bought over Christmas end up in the bin. So those of you that shun sprouts, spare a thought for the poor picker who gathered them on a freezing cold December morning. Eat up!

5) Head of Programming at BBC/ITV:

This may seem a strange one, granted you’re not going to get a seasonal job as the head of programming at a major TV company, but if there is a high pressure job at Christmas then this is it! Christmas Day TV has got to be all killer and no filler, all the family are gathered wanting entertainment. The average UK family watch almost 5 hours of TV on Christmas Day.

What do you pick as your blockbuster film for the big day? Which classic do you show:- The Great Escape or The Sound of Music? Are you going to win the battle of the soaps? In this job you’ll probably be glad when its January!! If you are thinking of a career in media check out this!

4) Reindeer Keeper:

Now this isn’t going to be looking after the real rudolph, unless you’ve got connections in Lapland. However there are some brilliant seasonal jobs out there for being a reindeer keeper. Shopping centres and tourist attractions that have Reindeers for the festive season advertise for Reindeer Keepers. Main tasks involve preparing food and water, cleaning them out and reporting any changes in their behaviour. Its not the most glamorous of jobs, but if you like working with animals then this is the perfect seasonal job for you!

3) Turkey plucker:

Probably not one for the squeamish, or any vegetarians, but someone has got to prepare your Christmas dinner centrepiece. Of the 17 million turkeys produced in the UK each year, just over 10 million of them will be consumed at Christmas. Around 90% of UK families will serve Turkey for Christmas dinner.

Admittedly this will very much be a seasonal job, but if you just need a few weeks work for a bit of extra money at Christmas then it could be perfect for you.

2) Queen’s speech writer:

What does everybody do at 3pm on Christmas Day? Listen to the Queens Speech of course. Broadcast since 1932 the Monarchs Speech is as much a part of the tradition of Christmas day as anything else.

Now we are told the Queen writes all her Christmas day speeches, but here at BahGum we reckon there must be a team that help her get it spot on! Imagine the pressure writing that speech, its got to appeal to a wide audience, be informational and of course not political in any way! Good luck!

1) Santa Claus:

How could number 1 be anything else?

Every shopping centre in the run up to the big day will have a Santa’s grotto, so expect plenty of work. The best bit is, come Christmas Eve your job is done, nobody is visiting Santa on Boxing Day!

However if you’re not good with kids, then this isn’t the job for you and make sure you can pull off a convincing “Ho Ho Ho’ before you start too!

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So there we have it, Santa Claus wins!

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