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6 Ways Top Billing Recruiters Are Different from the Rest

Top billers are a rare breed of recruiter.

Consultants who consistently out-perform their targets and make a lot of money for the business and themselves do not grow on trees. What 6 qualities separate such beasts from the masses?

1. Drive

An over-riding and single-minded desire to succeed is key. That feeling of wanting to be the very best and the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Such an individual is prepared to put in the long hours, is often introspective and evaluates ways in which he/she can improve. In my experience, you either have drive or you don’t. What I mean is that drive is rarely taught!

2. Ability to build relationships

A top biller is usually a great relationship builder. Relationships are founded on good recruitment and generally being very good at your job. A top biller will then spend time nurturing relationships with their clients and candidates alike. They are good networkers who understand that the bigger pipeline you have, the greater opportunity there is to bill big.

3. Hunger for money

Top billers want to make money. They enjoy the finer things in life and are obsessed with keeping up the standard of living they have become accustomed to. When they recruit, their mind-set is totally focused towards making money and this effects the way they work. Greater efficiency, speed, focus and keeping your eye on the prize are some of the traits you’ll see from a top Consultant.

4. Competitiveness

Competitiveness is a trait most big billers have. They want to make as much money for themselves as possible, but also they want to be seen to be making the most money. How does this propagate through to the way they work? Well, they are more liable to sit on a good candidate for a few days rather than putting them straight on to the database or introducing them to their peers. They can also be protective over their clients and want to cover things themselves even when they are on holiday.

5. Market knowledge

A top biller will understand his/her industry inside out and usually a number of other verticals as well. They will recruit people into other markets if they can get away with it. Their ability to advise and be a “consultant” in the truest sense of the word gives them greater credibility in their clients’ eyes and makes them the go-to person for recruitment. Top billers advise their clients on salary levels, market conditions and competitor analysis. The really good ones will also advise on internal structure.

6. Time management

Top billers are superb when it comes to time management. They are ruthlessly organised and ensure that every minute is well spent in their quest to bill big. Many will have day lists written the day before so they know what they need to do as soon as they get in. Meetings are kept as brief as possible and to the point.

Simply, most top billers are just totally focused on making as much money as they can through successful recruitment and they are extremely single-minded in their aim. This is not to say they don’t derive satisfaction from finding someone their perfect job because they do. It is just that this is secondary to making money.

About the author: David Morel is the CEO/Founder of Tiger Recruitment, a secretarial/administrative recruitment agency based in London. David founded Tiger in 2001 and is passionate about best recruitment practice.

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