These days, if you’re not implementing technology to help you be more productive, organized, and successful, you’re probably behind the curve. Never fear, the career-minded bloggers at Pounding the Pavement have developed a list of apps that will help you get more out of your smart phone than you previously thought possible. Here they are, the absolute finest of the latest career-boosting applications, ready for you to peruse and enjoy!

Apps for the Job Search:

  • JobFinder. One of the most highly-praised new applications is Job Finder; the easy-to-use system basically does all the work for you when it comes to finding fresh new
    job leads. The program scours the internet in order to bring all the latest job
    offers appropriate to your search easily to your reach.
  • Indeed. The closest rival to Craigslist’s employment section, now brings all
    of its prized functionality and convenience in the job hunt to your fingertips, in this sweet new application.
  • High Paying Jobs. Those looking for a minimum-wage gig need look elsewhere. This
    app is only made for those looking to find the most lucrative positions available for them to chase, and hopefully land.
  • CareerBuilder. You want a new job – now. Let this ingenious new application do much of the work for you. It will automatically gauge your location and will let you easily search for a new post via any keyword you like. Yes, with CareerBuilder you can even search for something fresh, right under your boss man’s nose.

Apps for Doing the Job Right

  • SalesForce Mobile. This application empowers your iPhone with cloud computing, which juggles a multitude of services and programs for you, in order to bring about the best information that will lead to your highest sales yet.
  • Intelligent Investing by Forbes. The business whizzes and aficionados in the know at
    Forbes magazine compile and streamline their knowledge and tips for you, at your fingertips, in this exceptional and exciting application.
  • Business Building Secrets. 100 such secret tips and more are ready and available for
    you on the spot with this app. It boasts that “you’ll never run out of ideas to make money online or off” when you use BBS.

Apps for Effortless Social Networking

  • BeamMe. It’s not always easy to meet new people – especially folks that could broaden your career’s network. BeamMe simplifies and improves that process by putting you in
    touch with those who are local, and potentially beneficial, to you.
  • Yammer. Ah, if only Facebook or Twitter could be adapted to businesses, or professionals. Wish officially granted, thanks to Yammer. Updates to your company’s profile are made simple and up-to-date with this neat application.

Apps for Organizing Your Life

  • Bump. Argh. It can really be a peeve to link one new phone’s contacts and information to another one. Bump makes it so simple and fun for you. Literally bump two phones
    together, and voila – all done. Now you can bump – and grind – with ease, and on the go.
  • Evernote. This app is, to put it simply, like a Post-It made electronic and Internet- savvy. It allows users to “capture everything” via typed note of text, a pic, or a screenshot. Very nifty, and very recommended.
  • SmartToDo. Pick up the kids. Iron the laundry. Walk the dog. Find a sweet organizational iPhone app. Smart ToDo is your answer to the last demand, and helps you manage the other three – and as many chores as you can make – with ease and simplicity.
  • Organizer Lite. “Create diagrams, use emoji and pictures” with this organization application of the highest order. It was designed to be as easy to use and manipulate “as a piece of paper.”
  • Documents To Go. Access all of your documents from the Microsoft Office series and e-mail through this extremely easy-to-use and functional application.

Be sure to check out the Top Android Apps for Your Career in case you’re using one, and if you have a BlackBerry we recommend you upgrade 🙂

Author: Jeff Norman is a student at Stanford and a guest blogger for tech schools for Guide to Career Education.

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