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Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages for Job Seekers

I don’t know about you, but I get Fan Page suggestions sent to me on Facebook every day. From Cheryl Cole to sausage rolls, everyone’s got one nowadays. If you are a job seeker or just take an active interest in your career there are a few good Pages you should consider joining. I have listed what I think is the top 10 in careerland, the titles are hyperlinked to the respective Fan Pages on Facebook.

1. Career Savvy

Heather E. Coleman keeps us posted on career trends via networking, personal branding and social media. Lots of articles from different sources to sink your teeth into.

2. Job Searching

Alison Doyle writes and compiles interesting articles on job search. Don’t miss the wall photo of her dog Ollie with no less than 3 tennis balls in his mouth.

3. Tim’s Strategy

Tim Tyrell-Smith shares his great ideas on job search, career and life. Good level of interaction between Tim and his loyal subjects here.

4. Expat Coach Megan

Megan is an American in Italy and unlike the Talented Mr. Ripley, she helps expats with personal branding, careers and chasing their dreams worldwide.

5. Punk Rock HR

Laurie Ruettimann describes herself as a self-deprecating Human Resources professional and this Page is for anyone interested in the intricacies behind the iron curtain that is HR (recruiters pay attention!).

6. Personal Branding Guy

The personal branding guru of the Middle East, Mohammed Al-Taee keeps us all very up to date on any Personal Branding, Career and Social Media news out there.

7. Keppie Careers

Miriam Salpeter shares her insights on important and timely career search strategies. Why it’s called Keppie I don’t know but I am sure she will enlighten us one day.

8. Windmill Networking

Neal Schaffer is a networking guru based in California. His Windmill Networking strategies are very applicable to careers and other aspects of your professional life.

9. Wise Man Say

Hung Lee is a fellow Englishman as well as the Wise Man of careers. His Page is a job search guide for the Web 2.0 era.

10. The Undercover Recruiter

This is what you call a shameless self plug. If you are joining the others, you have to join this as well according to international law.

Final words

If you choose to join all of these Fan Pages, be prepared for a barrage of articles coming up on your home feed on Facebook. If you are not comfortable with this, you can always hide the feed from the Pages you don’t think are that relevant or you can easily unsubscribe.

Here’s more on how to use Facebook for your job networking.

What great Fan Pages in the career space should be included for the update?

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.