5 Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume

It is natural for people to be attracted to aesthetically pleasing images and visuals. In fact, according to Salesforce, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Taking this into account, people would rather process information and data visually through imagery and video. This is why there is a magic to the art of infographics. Infographics tell a story and allow a great visual to be created. This explains why people are increasingly creating infographic resumes to showcase their skills and talent.

Infographic resumes can make you stand out from the crowd due to the hundreds, or thousands of resumes that hiring managers have to go through on a daily basis. So how do you create a great infographic resume?

Here are 5 tools that will help:

1) Slideshare:

On SlideShare, you can create an infographic resume through your LinkedIn profile. You connect via LinkedIn, pick a template and publish your journey. It’s as easy as that!

2) Resu-me:

Resu-me by Adecco Group turns your resume into a short movie. Resu-me also uses data from your LinkedIn profile and automatically creates a video which you can edit after. Then you can share your movie on your social media pages and download your infographic.


On you can create an infographic with LinkedIn or sign up through email. This site shows you a variety of imagery that you could use such as pictograms, treemaps and bubblegrams.

4) Accenture India:

Accenture India offer a tool where you can enter your details or once again use your LinkedIn profile to transform your data into an infographic.

5) ResumUp:

ResumUp allows you to create an infographic resume from either your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles or to create it manually yourself.

Which tool do you like the best? Let us know or send us an example of an infographic resume you have created!

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By Casey Fleischmann