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9 Tips For Newly Appointed Managers

If you’ve bagged yourself a new role as a first time manager, then congrats! You’ve obviously been doing something right. However, it can be a daunting time, knowing that the future of your career is somewhat shaped by other people and their actions – and it will take a bit of adjustment to get things right. We’ve put together a list of some useful advice for new managers. And remember, you’ve got this!

1) Communicate well:

The key to good management is communication. If you can, email as little as possible and actually make an effort to speak to your team face-to-face.

2) Allow flexibility:

Flexibility is key when it comes to being a good manager. Leadership styles can vary between each team member – some have different needs to others. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

3) Don’t be a headteacher:

No matter how senior the managerial role is, you should never treat your team/employees like children. It’s patronising and they won’t enjoy working with you.

4) Emotional balance:

If you’re quite an emotional person it can be difficult to remove emotions from work situations. The key to being a manager is finding the right balance.

5) Get involved in the business:

As a newly appointed manager, you should make an effort to really get to grips with the company you’re working with. Learn the ins and outs, find out everything you can to build your knowledge.

6) Remember your experiences:

When managing a team, it’s worth looking back at your experience of being managed. What went well, and what didn’t? Were there any particular things your managers failed at? What were some things you admired? Remember these and apply them to your management style.

7) Look a year ahead:

A good way to start when planning your move is to take a look at the next year, and where you want to be in 12 months time. From here you can decide the actions that need to be taken and get working on them.

8) Prepare for the unexpected:

As a newly appointed manager, you should expect things not to go quite as planned – so prepare for the unexpected!

9) Enjoy it!

It can be a scary time as a newly appointment manager. But the main thing to remember is that you have the skills, experience and personality that got you the role in the first place. So enjoy it!

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By Ruby Lowe

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