4 Things You Should NEVER Do in an Interview

Looking for a job can often become demeaning, stressful, and hopeless. Sometimes it takes time for your luck to shine and your hard work to bring results. This does not mean you should stop believing in yourself or that you will never get a job. There will be a time when you will actually realize that the break you had during your job hunt was worth it, once you start working and get into the thick of things.

There will be times during your job hunt phase, where you will get the chance of an interview with your prospective employer. Getting to that interview stage is one of the biggest achievements, as in this tough time, an interview is not something that can be an easy one to fetch. So the moment you get an interview call, take it seriously. Ensure that you take the right steps to prepare for the interview beforehand and give your top game when you arrive for the interview. The importance of planning and preparing for the interview cannot be stressed enough, but still, people make mistakes that result in interview failure and we are going to talk about four things that you should absolutely avoid during the interview session.

1) Freeze during the session:

Many candidates have an amazing job profile as well as decent communication skills. However, when they arrive at the interview, it probably is not their day, or they just get lost in the moment. Make sure you have the backup plan arranged in case you freeze up during the interview. No matter how confident you are, people usually end up completely lost and out of answers, this not only makes the situation awkward but leaves a very bad impression. So you can do anything but freeze up during your interview session. Your backup plans to avoid that could be conversational topics already thought of, changing the topic smartly, or preparing generic answers for something you might not know about.

2) Try to be dominating:

Your prospective employer is experienced and has a much bigger profile or stature compared to you, so you should always respect that. Never try to dominate your employer by being overly aggressive, talkative, or overconfident about anything. The moment you do that, your employer will start judging you.

3) Being too casual or sloppy:

The worst thing you can do during an interview is to show that you are not serious about it or the job. Never leave the impression that you do not want the job or you are taking it too lightly. Employers are busy people, yet they are giving you time, so at the very least respect that.

4) Talk negatively about the previous company or the company you are at:

You might not like some policies of the company you are applying for, but do not voice those opinions like you are coming there to change. Always be diplomatic and pleasant in your tone. If you have previously worked somewhere, do not talk negatively about that company.

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