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5 Simple Things Positive People Say Every Single Day

When all else fails, your attitude is what will truly define the final outcome. Some people confuse positivity with ignorance, being unrealistic or naive. But in my eyes, it couldn’t be further from it. Being positive means having confidence in your own abilities, other people and your endeavours. It means being able to critically assess and address a situation, and keep spirits high.

Negativity really is an ugly thing. In all situations it’s important to be realistic and have back-up plans, considering all potential scenarios, but believing something is doomed before you’ve even given it a chance at success is a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the flip-side, truly believing in something means you’re likely to give it everything you’ve got, therefore it will be more likely to work out in your favour.

Peoples’ attitudes are contagious. If you want to bring a bit more energy and positivity into your own life and others’ too – try saying these simple things. But be warned, it has to be with a smile… and the smile has to be genuine.

1. “Hello”

Okay it sounds really obvious that any given person would probably say ‘hello’ on any given day, regardless of being positive or not. But positive people tend to say ‘hello’ in situations where they could easily not say it, and ignore.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s the person next to you in the lift or the guy waiting for the same train. You’d be amazed what simply saying ‘hello’ can do for your mood and the recipient’s.

2. “How are you?’

Go the extra step and ask how people are. Positive people tend to ooze a confident selflessness that makes others feel special and appreciated. Asking how someone is might be just what an upset person needs to pull them out of a black hole.

3. “Sounds great”

Positive people aren’t naysayers. They don’t critique peoples’ ideas unnecessarily nor do they try to bring people down. Instead, positive people always try to see the good in things; the potential that exists. They support people, and genuinely want the best for others. They aren’t the first to pick out errors or potential problems – they offer sound advice, but only after showing their interest and encouragement.

4. “I’d love to”

Positive people don’t close the door on unknown opportunities; they give things a go and give themselves as many chances at success as possible. They don’t say ‘no, no, no’ all the time; they get involved in a lot of different activities and benefit from all the new experiences and opportunities.

5. “Thank you”

Positive people show gratitude where they should, and give credit where credit’s due. Showing appreciation and saying ‘thank you’ makes people more likely to want to help out again in future. Saying ‘thank you’ means the positive person has identified the value someone has added, which in itself can lift their mood. It feels good to say thank you, both for the person who says it and the one who’s receiving the message. Negative people are quick to judge, look for a hidden agenda or jump to conclusions, and failing to properly acknowledge someone’s work will likely discourage them from similar behaviours in future.

Being positive can be easier said than done, especially when you’re feeling like you’re drowning in work or that what you’re working on is totally hopeless. But changing your attitude and doing or saying simple things to lift your mood and those of others’ is a great place to start. Being open to new ideas and supportive of projects and ideas you hear about will set you with greater chances for success!

By Phoebe Spinks

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