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How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting?

The rapid pace of technology has transformed many aspects of work, and life for that matter. We are more productive, efficient and innovative because of it, and the recruitment industry has been no exception to it.

Candidates have never been more accessible, and the rise of mobile and social media has truly altered the ways in which we now recruit top talent. So with technology already changing and improving many aspects of our recruitment process, our highly experienced panel of technology experts discuss how they envisage technology playing a role in the future of recruitment.

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Technology will help lower operating costs and, in my mind, it will empower recruiters to go from “the hunters” to “the hunted.” In 2020, recruiters will be like sports agents, and all of the available technology will arm them with the ability to engage, assess and collect data about candidates at scale, leaving them to focus on the important stuff – building relationships.

Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs

Cheryl Cran 

Right now LinkedIn, and other social media plays a dominant role in recruiting, including Salesforce for HR, Glassdoor and more. In the future AI will scour potential candidates through profiles on social media and provide aggregate suggestions for a new career based on social activity, and will also provide aggregate content to potential employers.

Cheryl Cran, CEO & Future of Work Expert, Synthesis at Work Inc

Nathan Perrott

There are two fundamental ways it will play a role. First, it will help remove process & admin related tasks through automation, freeing up recruiters to focus on the more human elements, such as relationship building. Technology will enable recruiters to add value to the candidate experience, which is much needed for many employers. Secondly, technology will play a vital role in providing candidates with the digital experience they expect and receive in the consumer space nowadays, whatever stage of the process they’re in.

Nathan Perrott, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, AIA Worldwide

Adam Glassman

In the next 12-24 months, you’re going to see a dramatic jump in the technology available to Talent Acquisition professionals. With the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook joining the fray – plus the rise of personalization and artificial intelligence tools – technology in this space will boom. And that, with no hyperbole, will be awesome for us.

Adam Glassman, Recruitment Strategies Manager, Alorica

Hung Lee

There are a number of technology trends which are likely to break through over the next decade. Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, cybernetics, AR/VR – each of these has the potential to be at least as disruptive as internet or email was in the late 90’s and social networking or the cloud was in early 2010. Taken together, they point to a revolution in how our society might be organised, with far reaching transformation of work and our relationship with it.

Hung Lee, CEO,

Chris Russell

Technology is becoming more pervasive in the recruiting world at an increasing pace. It will transform the way we recruit by making it easier to identify and source talent faster than ever before.

Chris Russell, Managing Director, RecTech Media

Bryan Chaney

Our expectations of human interaction in recruiting are changing every day. We’re starting to make peace with automated email confirmations, scripted screening questions, and resume/CV reviewing algorithms telling us we’re not a fit. I see chat-bots playing a bigger role in answering questions about a company, the company’s employees, and ultimately a specific open role on the career site. I also see AI technology helping us detect career patterns and paths so we can more intelligently source people in roles and companies who are likely going to be skilled for future roles that they’ve never even considered.

Bryan Chaney, Director of Employer Brand, Indeed


By Ushma Mistry

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