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What Technology Can’t You Live Without as a Recruiter?

Imagine having to find the best talent without the luxury of your computer or your phone. Now try to imagine having to manage your workday without social media, online tracking systems, scheduling programs and productivity tools. Impossible right?

It’s no understatement to say that we have become dependant on technology. Things that once took hours to complete, can now be done in seconds. So as technology becomes more and more integral to the ways in which we work, interact, recruit and more, we asked our panel of experts what technology they find most important.

Jonathan Kestenbaum 

I’m not a recruiter myself, but from the conversations that I have with the heads of talent, the most important tools are those which help you source and engage candidates. There are many interesting tools available today that fit into this category including social search tools, social networks, and chat bots.

Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs

Cheryl Cran 

Recruiters need to be social media savvy and be able to use multiple platforms to access relevant and talented potential hires. Social media is the technology recruiters can’t live without.

Cheryl Cran, CEO & Future of Work Expert, Synthesis at Work Inc



Nathan Perrott

For me, it has to be the careers site and jobs portal/ATS. This is akin to the e-commerce database for retail sites. Without it, you have no way of getting applicants to see your jobs and to apply. Most applicant tracking systems still have a long way to go to be candidate friendly. And most employers forget the importance of the jobs and the software used to be able to find them. This is such a critical element of the process and the candidate experience, but is often overlooked.

Nathan Perrott, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, AIA Worldwide

Adam Glassman 

My role is a bit different as I’m not sourcing day-to-day. However, I rely heavily on data and analytics to inform my strategic decisions, so ensuring that the technologies we’re using are set up, tracking candidate activity properly and are talking to each other is crucial.

Adam Glassman, Recruitment Strategies Manager, Alorica

Hung Lee 

It’s a great time to be a recruiter – there are so many fantastic tools to use! If I were to set up a desk from scratch, I would like to have my recruiters have access to the following: key social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) for sourcing/candidate identification, mention for social listening, slack for communities & learning, productivity tools like autotextexpander, Boomerang for gmail, for scheduling, for video calls and some sort of CRM which could track and aggregator prospect data.

Hung Lee, CEO,

Chris Russell 

The ability to collect resumes/profiles is a must have for me. Without that data, you are just shooting in the dark. We will always need a way for applicants to submit their interest or application.

Chris Russell, Managing Director,


Bryan Chaney

My smart phone camera is able to touch just about every aspect of my life, with the right apps. I love the ability to translate text through the camera (which I did on a recent trip to Tokyo), or video chat anyone in my address book. I can look up a candidate’s background via image search, and send a personal video introduction highlighting perks or a hiring team, all before breakfast.

Bryan Chaney, Director of Employer Brand, Indeed

By Ushma Mistry

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