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Are You a Team Motivation Killer? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Weak management can destroy a team’s motivation. Who wants to commit 110% to an ungrateful, negative manager? I’m sure employees would rather be dedicating their time to finding a new job!

This infographic from Weekdone specifies 10 team motivation killers and how to fix them. Keep your team happy and motivated!


  • Allow for self development: Google allows their employees to spend 20% of their time on personal projects.
  • A massive 26% of employees would leave their current position for just a 5% wage increase.
  • Open offices beware: office spaces report 62% more employee sick days. Make sure your office has the best layout.
  • Don’t punish people for honest mistakes. Constructive criticism!
  • 96% of respondents felt they receive unnecessary emails that waste their time. Make your messages relevant, important and to the point.

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