12 Ways to Bring Summer Into the Office

Summer is almost here; the days are getting warmer and longer, and flip flops are making their yearly comeback.  If you’re stuck in the office with no sign of the beach (apart from your computer desktop image), then you’ll need to find some other ways of bringing summer into the office. Here are 12 simple ways to do just that:

1. Ice cream break!

Swap the boozy happy hour for a team ice cream outing. Ice cream makes everyone happy.

2. Plan a team BBQ

3. Alfresco Working

Why not swap your desk for an outside working area?

4. Change up the commute

Cycle, walk or even scooter to work in the sun to avoid  cramped and sweaty public transport!

5. Water & liquids.. stay hydrated

Make sure to stay hydrated in the warmer months.

6. Start earlier, leave earlier

Why not get to the office early so you can leave a little earlier than usual to catch the last of the sun?

7. Stock the fridge

Drinks, yogurts, fruit and snacks will keep you motivated when the sun’s out!

8. Sports days aren’t just for school kids!

Why not organise an office sports day to get your team out and energised?

9. Brighten up the office with flowers

10. Get the fans blasting and the windows open

There’s nothing worse than a stagnant office, so get some air circulation going to keep things fresh, and you all pepped up.

11. Hawaiian Shirt Day

Turn every Friday into Hawaiian Shirt Day.

12. Get the summer tunes blasting

Swap the regular radio station for a carefully selected playlist of chilled, summer songs.

Have you got any other ways to bring summer into the workplace? Let us know in the comments below.

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By Ruby Lowe

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