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How Successful People Spend Their Lunchtimes

Lunchtime. Some people see it as an hour of doing nothing…

The most successful of people see it as an hour of opportunity. Whether you’re meeting a new client for lunch or using it as a time to reflect, lunchtime’s can be one of the most useful hours of the day. So don’t sit at a desk with a sandwich, leave your desk and make use of the hour ahead.

They never eat lunch alone.

Keith Farazzi believes that to get ahead in life, you have to reach out to people. How to do that? He believes you should never eat lunch alone – instead use the opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with old faces and meet potential clients. Farazzi believes that the only one way to become truly successful  is to create lasting relationships with others, and what better way to do this than to talk over lunch?!

They use it to sleep:

We’re all told time and time again that the optimum amount of sleep you need every night is 8 hours. Some people find it particularly difficult to fit this in at night time – so why not use your lunch hour to power nap? Arianna Huffington is a strong advocate for getting as much sleep as possible. She believes that “Sleep is something that encompasses many aspects of our lives, from technology and leadership to our relationships, careers, creativity and stress.”. Definitely a reason for a lunchtime snooze!

They read:

If you’re having a particularly busy day, it can be tempting to work throughout your lunch break whilst eating. However, it’s incredibly important to take a proper break in order to make sure you maximise your afternoon. Michael Kerr, an international business speaker relays this idea and thinks that “reading helps you focus, offers a mental break from work, and can give you some much-needed solitude”.

They organise work and personal life:

Lunch is also a pretty good time to sort out anything you need to in your life outside work. Make sure you use the time to tick at least a few things off your to-do list. Knowing you’ve sorted things out in your personal life will mean that you free up that much needed mental space for the rest of the day. The afternoon can be on of the most productive times of day, so it’s best to use lunchtime to truly maximise its potential.

They plan their day accordingly:

The most successful people know that lunchtimes are important – so they make sure they include it in their plans for the day. They don’t schedule long meetings for lunchtime, and if they do – it’s somewhere they can talk over a lunch. They make sure their plans for the day include lunch – because it keeps the rest of their day productive.

It’s clear that successful people make sure to include lunch in their plans for the day. So if you’re planning on skipping lunch today….don’t do it!

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By Ruby Lowe

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