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What Role Does Storytelling Have to Play in Employer Branding?

Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. We’ve heard about the power of storytelling – but how does it fit into your employer brand strategy?

Bryan Adams is the CEO & Founder of Ph.Creative, an employer brand agency and very passionate about storytelling. In this episode, we explore why storytelling is critical, how to focus on human stories, and how to harness storytelling for talent attraction.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Storytelling is more important to your business than you ever thought.
  • Why Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ is storytelling at its best because it means every customer plays their own part and tells their own story.
  • If content marketing and storytelling go hand-in-hand, or if they mean totally different things!
  • Why you need to get your employees on-board with storytelling.
  • If there is a way to measure the ROI of storytelling.
  • Why Red Bull and Lego inspire Bryan’s employer branding efforts.

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.