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What’s the Best Social Media Recruitment Campaign?

There is always one campaign that stands out from the crowds. Most people kick themselves for not thinking of it first. But what usually happens is it inspires recruiters to come up with their own campaigns in a bid to make it bigger and better than their rivals.

This week our panel of social media experts share with us their thoughts on campaigns they’ve seen that they think are at the top of their game.

Ariel Jolo

Medallia’s 🙂 just kidding. Many years before I started in employer branding I saw Intel’s “Rock Stars” campaign and I loved it. It was really fresh at that time (and the term hadn’t been so misused yet).

In more recent times, I can think of Heineken’s Go Places campaign and, of course, Zappos’ Insider program.


Ariel Jolo,  Global Employer Brand Manager, at Medallia.


Adrian Cernat

Not necessarily a campaign per se, but an ongoing great strategy to attract talent would be Twitter, join the flock.

Also, EuroWings did a terrific job with their Tinder campaign, bringing something new and fresh in the industry.

Adrian Daniel Cernat, CEO & co-founder SmartDreamers

Sarang Brahme

In the new digital age, hackathons are a great tool to not just engage with key talent but also to innovate / co-create the solutions. For example our India team has been running the TechChallenge hackathon using the power of social media to invite top talent to solve industry/business problems and showcase their expertise. This initiative has helped recruiting teams to engage a larger talent pool and hire niche talent.


Sarang Brahme, Global Social Recruiting & Talent Brand Manager, Capgemini.

Carmen Collins

 Aside from @WeAreCisco? HA! Gotta give props to GE’s campaigns with Owen – of course, gotta give them props for the budget allocated to it as well.


Carmen Collins, Social Media & Talent Brand Lead, Cisco.

Cameron Brain

We’re fortunate to have some industry-leading companies running their social recruiting efforts on our platform, which gives us a unique perspective into what they’re doing and what works (and what doesn’t).  Time and time again what resonates the most with prospective hires are the authentic, human stories created by actual employees. We recently did a program review with one of these clients and found the #1 piece of content their team shared (which drove the most engagements and clicks) was a video, created by an employee of them walking through the office, showing off the space, chatting with colleagues, etc.  It was simple, genuine, and clearly connected with the people their recruiting team shared it with.

Cameron Brain, CEO & Co-Founder,

Mark Cavanagh

Mastercard Canada’s Internship social media challenge. Using the hashtag #internswanted, Mastercard Canada gave college students the chance to compete for an internship on social media. Applicants each submitted an idea for a product, app, or technique to help the company move towards creating a cashless future. Contestants were judged on the amount of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ their ideas got. They received 532 qualified candidates and expanded their program to hire an additional intern due to the talent quality. This campaign stood out to us as a great example of engaging social media, with immediate potential to become self-perpetuating as more and more candidates shared their entries.

Mark Cavanagh, Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Victoria Sorensen

One campaign that struck me at the time was the OgilvyOne campaign to find a sales person via YouTube video. This was about 10 years ago. Potential candidates had create a video of themselves selling a brick. I remember thinking at the time that this was ahead of its time. It would be very relevant today and I actually think the new generation of candidates coming into the workplace have grown up with video and are for more comfortable with their screen presence.


Victoria Sorenson , Senior Talent Advisor, Oracle.

Othamar Gama Filho

One of the most creative recruitment campaigns on social media has been the McDonald’s Snapplications that allowed candidates to apply for a job at McDonald’s restaurants through the Snapchat app. It really targeted their demographics well and made the process easy and fun for the candidate. And, as a bonus, it got a lot of positive attention from the media.

Othamar Gama Filho, CEO at Talentify.

Stephanie Scher

In 2017 we introduced a Learn & Grow initiative to help the Vanguard Talent Acquisition (TA) Teams, with both external recruiters and internal talent advisors, understand the value of their presence and participation on LinkedIn. We facilitated training sessions on how to create a great profile, and shared our strategy for networking and cultivating connections. We also discussed how and what to post and provided coaching for social media writing and creating effective headlines. We encouraged the recruiters to share this expertise with their hiring managers and business partners. As our crew became more active on LinkedIn and regularly leveraged the newly minted hashtag, #LifeatVanguard, we saw (and continue to see) a significant impact – double the referral traffic YoY to our careers site from LinkedIn and a considerable increase in candidate flow from LinkedIn.

Stephanie Scher, Talent Brand|Social Media, Vanguard.

Eva Baluchova

There are many recruitment campaigns out there. Mostly I see more prominent companies like Zappos, Disney, PwC, Microsoft doing a great job on social media. Personally, my favourite is Salesforce (i.e. #salesforcejobs) on Instagram. It’s one of the world’s best companies for using Instagram effectively in their employer branding. You can see that they are promoting a genuinely great culture and that their employees are having the time of their lives. The other cool hashtag they use is #dreamjob.  As a Disney movie lover, my favourite Instagram campaign is #salesforceohana. Why? Ohana means family (Lilo&Stich movie), so imagine the power of Ohana on social media.

Eva Baluchova, Talent Lead, Levelup Ventures.

By Ushma Mistry

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