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How Siemens Attracts the Best Digital Talent

More and more businesses are transforming to meet the demands of our digital-centric world. Siemens is among many leading the push toward digitalization and they have had to evolve their employer branding efforts to meet talent and culture expectations.

This week we’re with Chris Knorn, Siemens’ Global Director of Employer Branding, to get an understanding of how he helps the company stay attractive and relevant as an employer brand in over 200 countries.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About Siemens’ Ownership Culture
  • How Siemens have moved away from washing machines and mobile phones
  • What talent challenges Siemens are faced with because of their external perception
  • Why employee advocates are important to Siemens’ employer brand
  • Who Siemens’ #FutureMakers are
  • Chris’ harsh lessons he’s learned along the way
  • How Chris measures employer brand at Siemens
  • What’s next for Siemens’ employer brand and employer branding in general.

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