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12 Animals That Would Totally Make Great Recruiters

Ever wondered which animals would make really good recruiters? Me neither, until today.

We all know that animals are incredibly intelligent (well most of them, not you, Goldfish). All species are smart in their own special ways, possessing unique traits, abilities and skills that allow them to survive and steer clear of danger.

Some animals naturally seem better suited to a career in recruitment than others. To help you visualise, we pulled together our list of animals we think have some great credentials that would make them handy recruiters. Hey, if they can survive in a jungle or open ocean, they can probably survive recruitment too, right?

1. Butterflies

Butterflies are pleasant and well-liked… it’s pretty hard to hate a butterfly. This is important as recruiters must be good at keeping the peace, building trust and likability; the success of their business is based on a network of high-quality warm clients and candidates. Also, butterflies taste through their feet. This would come in handy for them, as they could eat lunch at their desk while continuing to type and talk on the phone…

2. Otters

Otters sleep while holding hands, and tend to be warm creatures that hold relationships with others in high regard. Forming connections clearly comes naturally.

3. Sharks

Sharks have outstanding hearing. They can hear a fish thrashing in the water from sometimes 500 metres away! Can you imagine the benefit this would have on gaining market intelligence? They’d forever be ahead of the pack – one step ahead. Also, no one says ‘no’ to a shark when it wants something.

4. Ants

There are many ants out there, and recruiters too. In fact, there are one million ants for every human in the world. Obviously, ants are great in teams. Have you ever seen a video of ants joining forces to move whole bread crumbs, 10 times their size? That’s the kind of recruiter everyone loves – a true team player!

5. Dolphins

Dolphins can sleep with half their brain still working. We all know the work of a recruiter never stops, so dolphins are basically the perfect candidates.

6. Golden Winged Warblers

Golden-winged warblers can reportedly sense future events. Needless to say, recruiters would give anything to be able to know a bit more about the future events! Imagine the possibilities and earning potential!

Please note, this is not a Golden Winged Warbler, but a very cute little birdie nonetheless.


7. Snakes

Snakes swallow their prey whole because they can’t bite, apparently. It’s said they also have flexible jaws which allow them to eat things bigger than their own head. Transferrable skills, no? Forget baby steps and being mediocre, all or nothing, bowl in etc.

8. Kangaroos

Kangaroos are known to be headstrong = tick. They are also known to be very social – double tick. They’re also extremely fast creatures, and we all know how time is of the essence in recruitment.

9. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are extremely honest and loyal, which are traits that set great recruiters apart from the rest of the pack.

10. Elephants

Elephants are known to have exceptional memories. In fact, it’s been said that they never forget anything. Enough said, really.

11. Monkeys

Cheeky, playful and friendly. Sounds about right.

12. Lions

The lion’s roar is the loudest and incredibly distinguishable – it can apparently be heard up to 8km away! Recruiters need to stand out and come out on top. Great qualities. Also, everyone respects lions. Perfect candidates.


If this has post has taught you nothing, at least you got to check out some cute animals.

By Phoebe Spinks

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.