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Salesforce Ohana: Attracting Talent with Corporate Culture

Tech companies and corporate culture – do they mix? Uber, Google, Amazon seem to have a few issues.

We decided to speak with Jennifer Johnston who is the Head of Global Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing at Salesforce.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Jennifer does, how rapidly the company is growing and what that means for headcounts
  • What the corporate culture is like inside Salesforce, the powerful concept of Ohana, and how it came about
  • What the talent challenges are for the company, the specialized skills they are looking for and how they compete with other Bay Area tech companies
  • What the employer value proposition (EVP) is, and how it is broken down into pillars
  • How the company went about to define their EVP and how it evolved over time
  • How Salesforce focuses on the candidate experience and have some excellent results to share
  • How the employer brand is activated across web, social and employer review sites
  • The impact of employee advocacy and the hashtag #SalesforceOhana
  • How they measure ROI on employer brand, what metrics they use and why
  • Jennifer’s top 3 tips for employer brand managers (and a pitfall)
  • What other companies are doing talent attraction right
  • Why the next big thing for Salesforce is to think about brand across someone’s career with the company and beyond.

Check out the career site of Salesforce and learn more about Ohana.

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.