Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume

Have you ever applied online for a job you thought you were perfect for, only to never hear back from the employer?

Your resume might have been kicked out of the application pool because you designed it for human eyes – not for the robot eyes of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), the recruiting tools many organisations are now using to help streamline the hiring process. That means, if you want your resume to make the final cut, you should consider letting go of outdated rules and making sure you’re going robot-first instead. This infographic by HireRight explains further.


  • It costs a company $3,479 to hire a new employee.
  • On average, 144 people apply for each entry-level position posted.
  • 89 people apply for each professional-level position.
  • Some large companies, such as Google, have received thousands of applications – up to 75,000 in a week.
  • 50% of mid-sized organisations use ATS‘s.
  • Don’t use fancy formatting – robots simply prefer neatly organised sections.

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