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Research: Global Recruiting Trends Report

What does the future hold for recruitment?

There’s no telling for sure, however LinkedIn have revealed what some of the key focuses for recruiters are for 2016, having surveyed 4,000 talent acquisition decision makers for their Global Recruiting Trends report.

Here are a few of the trends that they found for the year ahead of us.

1) Quality of hire is the most important measure of performance

  • The quality of a hire is the most valuable performance metric for talent acquisition teams, above the time it takes to fill a position and the hiring manager satisfaction.
  • Organisations measure quality of hire in three ways: new hire performance, turnover/retention and hiring manager satisfaction.

2) They want to hire top talent faster

  • Social professional networks are the most popular option for finding the best candidates, above job boards and employee referral schemes.
  • Employee referrals are seen as essential for making quality hires.

3) Employer branding will be a top priority

  • Companies are investing more in their employer branding efforts.
  • South Africa, South East Asia and Brazil are investing the most in employer branding.

4) Focus will be placed on retaining existing employees

  • Employers want to keep hold of the talent they tried so hard to recruit.
  • Hiring internally is a good way of retaining talent.
  • The most internal hires are made in Canada.

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Global Recruiting Trends 2016 [Infographic] from LinkedIn Talent Solutions