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Is Recruitment Marketing Only for Large Employers?

Most people think to have things in place like recruitment marketing or a D&I specialist, you need to be part of a large company or have abundant staff. While this might be true regarding the amount of budget you can set aside for such things, our expert panel tells us why recruitment marketing is for any company of any size.

Joe Shaker

No, definitely not. While the scope may differ based on size, any employer needs to know their value proposition, consider the candidate experience and know where to best deploy their message.  One of our team members recently went to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and noticed a help wanted ad in a general store window. Being in the industry we are, my colleague struck up a conversation about employment. The store owner then noted that he has to close down some days because of low staff.  This is a small business owner being hit hard by the talent shortage that companies of all sizes are facing right now. The sign on the window is one approach, but why should someone work with him? What can he offer that the store down the street does not? Where are the best places for him to put his message? It’s going to be a different scale than a global pharmaceutical, but it’s still recruitment marketing.

Joe Shaker is the President of Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

Maren Hogan

Nope. In fact, it can be argued that recruiters for small and medium sized companies can have even more of an impact on recruitment marketing than their enterprise counterparts. They have easier access to their executive team and stakeholders, there are fewer barriers and locations (most likely) and if they see a clear gap in competitive compensation or benefits or even culture, they have a great opportunity to effect change.

Maren Hogan is CEO and Founder of Red Branch Media.

Jared Nypen

No, every company should market their employer brand to potential employees. In fact, it might even be more important for small organizations whose brand is not well known. Recruitment marketing is the place where you get to either form or change the perceptions that people have of you as an employer, and it’s important to do this no matter your size.

Jared Nypen is the Vice-President of talent at Great Clips inc.

Lisa Jones

All companies need recruitment marketing.  It sells their main product – people!





Lisa Jones is the Founder and Director of Barclay Jones.

Mark Cavanagh

Absolutely not, regardless of size, the positioning and success of your employer brand and the marketing tools you use to get it there can have a massive impact on your ability to attract and retain staff. With a clear message and employee value proposition, even the smallest of companies can conduct successful recruitment marketing using inexpensive and often FREE tools.

Mark Cavanagh is the Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Charlotte Jones

Recruitment Marketing can be leveraged by any organization – small, medium or large.





Charlotte Jones is the Recruitment Marketing Manager at Lockheed Martin.

Phil Strazzulla

No. I see companies with <100 employees who’ve successfully built out talent communities and have rock solid career sites. It’s all about using the right tools, focusing on the lowest hanging fruit, and executing! Where some companies fall down is that they don’t have the conviction to pursue a project, and it continuously gets bogged down.

Phil Strazzulla is the Founder of NextWave Hire.

Shelby Burghardt

Recruitment Marketing is essential for companies of all sizes, the only difference between the RM strategies of a large company vs. a start-up would be the complexity of the strategy. For example, in a large, global company, you’ll need to create local/regional go-to-market strategies rather than one strategy for one location. Not matter the size of your company, you need to explain why someone should choose to work for your organization over another.

Shelby Burghardt is the Global Talent Brand Manager at Thomson Reuters.

Rebecca Drew

Recruitment marketing is important for companies of all shapes and sizes. Activating your talent brand isn’t dependent on having a massive team with a designated HR/recruitment department. In my view, successful recruitment marketing is all about authenticity – ensuring it matches the tone and spirit of your culture, not size. Sometimes the best recruitment marketing strategies come from the smallest companies who can afford to be more nimble and creative. It’s ok to start small to try a few things and see what works so you can adapt before making a bigger investment across all channels.

Rebecca Drew is a Manager at LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Bennett Sung

Recruitment marketing is a strategy that can be embraced by companies of all sizes. To draw upon the notion that recruiting is marketing, one of the leading marketing automation platforms, HubSpot, has generated $375M in revenue in 2018 so far — primarily from small and medium-sized businesses. This is a clear signal that recruitment marketing is for everyone — not just large corporations.

Bennett Sung is the Head of Marketing at Allyo.

By Ushma Mistry

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