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What Do Recruiters Need to Stop Doing?

This week we asked the Undercover Recruiter community what recruiters need to stop doing, in order to find success in the year ahead.

The question attracted a variety of responses, relating to building a better and more collaborative relationship with clients, being proactive in seeking talent and making effective use of data and social media tools available.

Personally I feel that sending out generic InMails to dozens of candidates via LinkedIn without knowing very much about the individual’s background can have a negative impact on the recruiter’s reputation and credibility. To increase the response rate from candidates recruiters must be more selective and tailor messages to the individual more.

Here are a few of the responses we received across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Brian believes that recruiters shouldn’t place all their focus on learning about their candidates needs, but also taking the time to get to know their clients well too. Claire also stated that there should be more collaboration with clients and as the recruiter you should advise them about what they need from your experience and expertise.

Brian Wardell

Business Development Manager at Otterbase

Recruiters need to focus not only on finding the technical background for their clients, but also getting to know their clients. The majority of the individuals I work with want to know what the culture is like at the client’s company, what the interaction between teammates looks like, what are the other perks that come along with the job that the company offers. Identifying the skills/backgrounds is the easy part, finding the job seeker the right company is the part I think recruiters need to focus on more in 2016.

Claire Rivero

Global Recruitment Manager at Silverpoint Leisure

Stop thinking and performing the role as a reactive function! Seek out the talent and place it! Educate your clients as to what they need-as they rarely know ( oh come on! You’ve all thought that too) be agents of change! Be confident in your expertise ! You are a specialist , a driver, not an order taker!

Jefferson Alonsabe 

Recruitment Consultant at PSG Global Solutions

“Some of the Sourcing and Recruitment Strategies are becoming a real obstacle to attract top talents. Recruiters should be Recruiters. If you are a Real Recruiter then you would know what I mean by “Traditional Recruitment Method” is still the best method.”

Varoon Akolkar

Client Engagement Manager at eTeam

“They need to stop posting jobs starting with the phrase “Looking for a job?” No! Some of us are looking for a career, opportunities to learn, make a contribution, be part of a larger mission, and many other things which you’ll only find out if recruiters view their jobs as ‘career advisors.’ Please don’t put off some of the most dedicated candidates by offering them just a ‘job’.”

Aldo Barnard

Senior Manager at Deloitte Malta

Get LinkedIn to rid of fake recruiters… They’re a significant obstacle, create unrealistic expectations and may very well stand between connections that may be a good fit… Some vetting systems for recruiters to weed out the fakes…

Sia Petropoulos 

Freelance Office Administrator 

 Please stop expecting job searchers and talent to find you – it’s your job to find us.



On Twitter, Tony and David expressed how recruiters need to learn to pay more attention to candidates, as by listening to them and learning about their skills and experience you will in turn be able to place the best and most suitable candidates. Matthew thinks that recruiters need to tap into the technology available to them and data can provide a lot of useful insights that will speed up and refine the recruitment process.

Matthew Doucette

Talent Acquisitions Leader at Monster

“Stop thinking that tracking, data, and analytics aren’t 100% vital to modern recruiting success.”

Tony Goddard

Director of Tony Goddard Consulting Executive and Careers Coaching

“Focusing on managing the recruitment process, rather than finding the best candidate.”

Mark Pearce

Client Relationship Manager at Fircroft Australia

“Stop emailing candidates in the hope of building rapport & relationships. It just can’t be done.”

Stuart Haddow

Managing Director at XperiSoft Limited

“Stick to the basics. Qualified vacancies, fully understood by recruiters & full, honest candidate dialogue please.”

David Johnson

“Stop talking and listen to the person they’ve asked to call them.”


If recruiters aren’t making the most of social media, they’re most likely missing out on a huge talent base. Social Geeks emphasised that not utilising social channels would be a big error in 2016. Madison, Meg and Lysha think that recruiters need to come across as more genuine.

The Social Geeks

“NOT utilising their Social Media Channels!”

Madison Reid

“Trying to ‘sell’ a job instead of a conversation.”

Meg Forde


Lysha Holmes


What do you think recruiters need to stop doing this year? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Twitter and LinkedIn!

By Sophie Deering