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How Can Recruiters Avoid Being Replaced by AI?

Love it or hate it, there are many advantages to using AI in recruitment, like using an algorithm to find the best candidate or eliminating unconscious bias in the recruitment process. But could its rise mean the end of the need for human recruiters?

We’ve teamed up with 10 recruiting experts who will be sharing their insights in our new expert panel. Read on to find out whether they think AI will replace human recruiters in the future.

Craig Fisher

Any job that will require an element of empathy is not easily replaced by AI.

The jobs that require finesse, and feeling and subtlety will still be needed long after the robots take over.

Someone still has to wind the clock.

Craig Fisher is Head of Employer Brand, CA Technologies, and Allegis Global Solutions

Leela Srinivasan

Rather than fretting about being replaced by AI, recruiters should rejoice about the role AI will play in reducing the administrative burden on their shoulders. AI will save recruiters a ton of time by automating simple tasks, stack-ranking resumes and more. Recruiters should then re-invest that time in the very things that AI can’t replicate, like building real human rapport and relationships with current and future candidates, as well as developing strategic and mutually respectful business partnerships with hiring managers. The bots won’t be taking over those aspects of their jobs any time soon.

Leela Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer at Lever

Amy Volas

A good recruiter will never be replaced and has an integral part of the hiring process.  Technology is our friend and is here to create efficiencies to allow recruiters to concentrate on the important elements that will always require personal interaction.  Remember, we’re talking about making meaningful connections between humans – until that goes away, A+ recruiters are here to stay.

Amy Volas is Chieftain of Avenue Talent Partners

Lars Schmidt

This idea that AI will replace recruiters is a bit naive in my view. AI certainly has a place. In time will augment some of the sourcing, matching, application, and talent community elements of recruiting that are now done by humans. However, good recruiters who can manage expectations, build relations, and provide strategic counsel will always be needed.

Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify

Chad MacRae

Until AI develops emotional intelligence, I wouldn’t worry about it. People are emotional creatures and make emotional decisions. Part of my job as a recruiter is to match a candidate to a manager or a team based on their ability to connect: to laugh together, to intuit what each other are thinking, to work together in sync. Show me an algorithm that can figure that out.

Chad MacRae is the Founder of Recruiting Social

Stacy Zapar

While AI is a great advent in our industry and is capable of doing remarkable things, I think there are aspects of recruiting that should never be automated… No matter how advanced technology and automation becomes, that personal, human interaction is key and the relationships we build with candidates and hiring managers are more important than ever.

Stacy is the Founder of Tenfold & The Talent Agency

John Feldmann

Despite the recent news about a Japanese insurance company replacing a portion of its staff with IBM software, recruitment is ultimately about hiring people, so it’s unlikely the human element can ever be completely removed from the hiring process. As automation continues to play a more prominent role in talent acquisition, recruiters should learn to be more and more adaptable. AI will continue to replace certain functions of the recruiting process, but not all. Those recruiters who are unable to integrate automation into their daily process may eventually see themselves being replaced by more tech-savvy workers.

John Feldmann is a writer for Insperity Recruiting Services

Maren Hogan

Recruiters don’t have to avoid being replaced by AI because AI is being created to aid recruiters and boost their performance. Chatbots like work with candidates and recruiters during the sourcing process like recruiters have longed for for years, but never had the time to do so. These cognitive assistants are able to chat with candidates on skill sets, interests, goals and more and align them to other job positions available once other opportunities they applied for have closed. This is simply filling gaps while recruiters take care of the HUMAN side of things. AI cannot replace soothing a nervous candidates’ nerves or talking a hiring manager down from unreasonable requirements.

Maren Hogan is CEO and Founder of Red Branch Media

Erin Wilson

Continue to learn about business. The more you understand business models, product roadmaps, user segmentation, etc.

The more you can learn and share in a dynamic way that AI cannot. Also, embrace the AI. Products like Teamable are designed to help recruiters, not replace them.

Erin Wilson is Founder and Talent Engineer at

Will Staney

Recruiters will never entirely be replaced by AI because there will always be a need for human touch when it comes to recruiting new employees. Technology will never be able to get to know someone and make recommendations they way a recruiter is able to. By working with candidates recruiters are able to provide real feedback and find roles that are ideal based on skills and personalities. AI replaces tasks not people. If anything, it will helps recruiters once again focus on less transactional, high-value activities that make them a true consultative partner to the business.

Will Staney is the Founder & Principal Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies

By Ushma Mistry

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