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How to Use Google Analytics to Jedi-Mind Trick Talent

Every website out there should have either Google Analytics or at least some way of measuring hits, time spent on your site, what people clicked on and for how long, where the surfer was located… (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…)

But did you know that Google can tell you some other pretty exciting stuff about the makeup of your surfers, ewoks and wookies?  And it can also tell you the secret formula (the force) to winning your candidates’ and clients’ hearts and minds?  In other words, it tells you who they are, where they are, what devices they are using to access your site, which browser (blaster) they use to find you, and so on.

Devices are really exciting!

Here’s something not a lot of people have talked about (including the mighty Yoda!).  I was with a client recently and we were reviewing their website’s Google Analytics. We discovered that over 50% of the 40% of their surfers were using Apple devices. Translation: 20% (1 in 5) of their surfers were using an Apple device. Translation: A significant amount… so significant that the next stat on the list was Samsung S5 at 5% – hence a lot of people are using Apple to access my client’s site. This data is gold dust! I’m not sure we got to light sabres, but I bet it was a few!

Surfing whilst sat on the toilet playing holographic chess with a wookie:

I’ve done a lot of recruiter polls and a recent one I did proved that: male recruiters are more likely to do business whilst doing their business on the loo (toilet for our non-UK friends!)  I doubt that the rest of the mobile workforce are any different. In any event, I don’t remember the last time I sat at my desk, cleared it, put my mobile phone in the centre and tapped it with undivided attention. Rather when I use my phone I am multi-tasking like a loon!  My phone is part of me (it’s my Comlink!)

Your Google stats tell you about me:

So, I am surfing your site, I am holding my device. My device gets more me-time than my husband and kids. It gets more me-time than my hair, face, car, Millenium Falcon – it IS me – so when I use it to surf you, I am giving you a monstrous clue about what I care about, about what gets me through the day, what organises my time, what directs me, when to jump to light speed: it speaks, I listen!

I am in love with my device!

We can take the mick out of Her (movie) and how Joachin Phoenix fell in love with his OS (operating system), but I see some people who are pretty close to this “madness”.

I care about my phone!  Am I unusual? I don’t think so…when was the last time you left the house without your phone, got to work and said, “Oh dear! I’ve left my phone at home, oh never mind, I’ll deal with that when I get home!”?  You then proceed to have a stress-free day and forget all about it!  How would Luke have coped without R2D2 in Empire Strikes back? (You could see what he has to say about this with a fab R2D2 translation website I found recently!)

Oh no! It’s more akin to you trying to behave like you haven’t had your right hand cut off (Luke!), whilst not behaving irrationally, fear of missing out #FOMO and downright panicking that if people can’t get hold of you the world will end (missed calls, missed placements, missed targets, you’ll not find out who your father really is!?)

Talk dirty to me:

So if we agree that the average mobile user cares about their device, and Google tells you which device they are using to look at you, then do the maths!  Use this data to help you create a communication strategy (Darth Vader’s mind choke!).  If lots of people access your website with an Apple device, talk about Apple!  It’s really simple!  Talk about things that will help your surfer – keep them engaged.

You are a niche finance recruiter? Tell accountants which top 10 apps for Apple they should be using!  Interim / Contract recruiter?  Tell your candidates which apps can help them travel at the speed of light and not spend loads in the process! Jedi temp specialist? Which apps can they use to engage their hyperdrive?

Or you can bore me to tears:

Or you can continue with what many recruiters seem to still be doing right now which is:

  • To bore me to tears with irrelevant content, (Star Wars Episodes 1-3!)
  • To sound self-obsessed – talking about themselves all day long… #yawn #NerfHerder!
  • To be totally silent… (try harder!) #IsAnyoneThere #HelpMeObi

Make your marketer a coffee:

Check out your Google Analytics and see what your audience is telling you. This is just one of a myriad of stats which you can get from Google and if you have 5 minutes you can massively improve the experience your surfers have, and perhaps even take the content plans to a wider social media audience (intergalactic!)

If you don’t have access to your analytics, as your marketing department guards them with their lives, make them a cuppa (they rarely get thanks or intelligent questions) and ask them to do something that they will enjoy, as opposed to you simply thinking they are there to create a PowerPoint presentation for you…. Buy them a cake and have a useful conversation with them about who your audience is.  This will take you a massive step forward and have a massive impact on your ability to attract Jedis and clients.

Do you know what devices / operating systems / browsers your users surf you from?  Find out – it could take you beyond the Forest Moon of Endor!

By Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Director at Barclay Jones, a Consultancy working with recruiters advising them on the most effective use of technology, web and social media to improve their business processes, recruitment and bottom line. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMariJones.