Employer Branding

The Present and Future of Employer Branding

If you’re new to the role of employer branding or been on your journey for a while, this is one interview you just don’t want to miss.

We’ve been speaking with a Talent Attraction veteran in the United States. She is going to share some of her insights, trends, patterns, and thoughts about the future of Employer Branding.

measure your employer brand

Allison Dunsmore is a Sr. Analyst – Talent Attraction & Employer Brand at American Airlines.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Learning about your audience is key to your employer brand
  • Why videos are on-trend in the employer brand space
  • Why less is more and why you should use your own people
  • That Brand Ambassadors are really important
  • Social media goes a long way in employer branding

You can connect with Allison here.