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14 Steps to Build Your Recruitment Plan

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Do you use all available sourcing channels?

Recruiting can be a tough job when you don’t know where to start, and it can be pretty expensive too.

Here is a sourcing map created by InHiro – a simple tool for recruiters.


  • Everything starts with a job description. Think about it as your homepage. It should be attractive enough to get the candidate’s attention.
  • More expensive doesn‘t mean better. Use the free channels available to you first.
  • The key to success is targeting. Where do your current employees hang out?

14 tips

Great sourcing strategy is just a start, however and recruiting tools may also be able to aid your recruitment process.

Author:  Lucia Kubinska is the founder of InHiro – a simple recruiting tool that helps companies build employer branding, attract quality candidates, manage all recruiting processes, and make better decisions with advanced stats and analytics.

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