Talent Acquisition

How to Identify and Approach Passive Candidates

Around 80% of the workforce is considered passive (ie open to talking, always looking or maybe available to talk) – the other 20% is happy with their job.

This infographic, courtesy of Marinated and Entelo, explains the mentality of passive candidates and when to contact them for a job opportunity.


  • There are 4 factors which influence a passive candidate: the time they’ve spent at their current job, the company health, social network shift and explicit availability.
  • Contact a passive candidate when they are 2-3 years into their current position.
  • When the company’s health is not looking good (for example at lay-off times) is the best time to approach a passive candidate.
  • Keep on eye on a passive candidate’s social media action – layout changes, and changes to a company’s connection – they may be looking for a new job.
  • There are a number of phrases that mean the same thing: looking for a job – make sure you spot these too!

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