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How NOT to Get Overwhelmed on Job Boards

I think everyone can agree there is something overwhelming about using job board sites to search for a new job. You go on the site, scroll for what seems like an eternity and find maybe 3 positions that seem both appealing and suited for your experience level. Go on three days later, and your recommended new jobs list suddenly consists of 139 new jobs. What?? Between feeling like you are going to miss something, feeling like your eyes are glazing over, and feeling like there is no better option to look, job boards can be total stressors!  Let’s break down some of the best search sites, their most useful tools, and some general advice for navigating a job search.

Most Popular Job Board Sites:


Indeed advertises itself as the number one job search site, and for all intensive purposes, it is one of the most user friendly sites out there. With a comprehensive listing and a memory for your previous searches, Indeed allows users to quickly find jobs in their area, with additional search features such as job type, salary requirements and more. Despite these great features, Indeed can be overwhelming to users due to the sheer volume of results. Indeed has featured tools to make your search more manageable. If using Indeed, sign up for customized email updates. This useful tool will send a daily email with 30 jobs matching your search. This will help you to feel in control by making the search feel more manageable and cutting out the time wasted scrolling through unwanted positions. Indeed also offers a Google tool bar, making it easier to search for positions, from any site. This will keep you more motivated and attentive to the job search. It will also let you search when inspiration strikes! The third feature tool from Indeed may be the coolest. Indeed offers a tool called Path, which helps you see how others have attained your dream job, or conversely, to see where your job can take you.


Monster prompts users to submit their resumes, and then uses those to find matching careers. Monster works in both ways, allowing candidates and recruiters browsing access to find connections. In addition to searches, Monster offers Community information pages for jobseekers in certain industries. The communities show available positions, industry news and other support services.


LinkedIn has changed the game for job seekers by putting all resumes and accomplishments in one easy-to-view location. When searching for jobs, don’t make the mistake of making your LinkedIn too much about you and job openings. You can fine tune your page forever, but if you are not actively seeking connections on LinkedIn, you are missing a key feature of the tool. Join groups relevant to your industry and passions. This can help you stay up to date on trends, which will be helpful when interviewing and finding your niche. You will also make valuable connections which may be able to propel you into a new position. If you are a college graduate, join your alumni group. LinkedIn will then show you a listing of alumni who are currently working for a certain company. If you are going to apply to those jobs, reach out to those alumni for an information interview. They will not only give you honest insight into the company but also may be able to refer you for your desired position.

If you are looking for more ways to make the most of LinkedIn, consider taking this course from Career Enlightenment on 3 Secrets to Finding a Job Using LinkedIn.

Simply hired

The best tools on Simply Hired are the Company Directory and the Salary Estimator. The Company Director shows a list of the companies currently hiring. Try browsing this before to narrow down or concentrate your search. Once you know who is hiring, go to their company website to learn more about the mission and apply for your desired position. This tool is especially great if you are more interested in rising within a certain company, rather than a specific type of position, for example, if you would rather work for a large corporate real estate company than be a customer service representative anywhere. The Salary Estimator is pretty self- explanatory. It will help show you where you should be and what you should be focusing on if you would like to reach a higher salary in a certain field.


Zealify is great search site for those looking to make a big impact in a small company, as they work to get small and medium-sized businesses more online exposure when it comes to recruiting talent. On Zealify, you can browse by company or by role to find the your best match. Zealify prioritizes building these companies with the right candidates and in turn, want people to love their careers.

Overall Advice

Use the best features for each of the above job sites to make the most of your job search. Know your strengths and weaknesses, too. If your problem is staying motivated, having jobs show up in your inbox everyday via Indeed will keep you moving in the right direction. If you are a people person, make sure you are constantly building and working your LinkedIn network or Monster’s Community pages.

Make sure you are going on each company’s website, rather than running your entire search through one- click application on job board sites. While they do promise to save time on applications, applying for a job without customizing your resume and cover letter for keywords is a waste of time. Use the job boards as a source, but make sure you are taking your time when applying. Don’t forget to tailor your resume before applying to each position. Finally, stay organized by knowing the types of jobs you want to apply for, and when you need to follow up on your application. Don’t fall into a trap of one-click applications, and then forgetting about following up. Companies will not know you are truly interested if you don’t send in a personalized cover letter and then follow up afterwards.

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By James Hu

James Hu is the founder and CEO ofJobscan, an analytics tool that helps job seekers land more interviews by comparing one's resume against any job description for keywords and match rate. Jobscan's Resume Writing Guide and Resume Formats provide everything you need to know about resumes to standout to recruiters and make it past ATS. James has previously spoken on Fox Business News, Harvard Medical School, and General Assembly.